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We were looking to buy a barbecue grill and a door. My husband is 75 years, disabled and only had his cane, waited in hot sun 20 minutes.

Was told be right with you. I brought him into the store and left him looking and reading up on the grills. He had questions before purchase. Three times he asked a salesperson for help and was told be right with you.

Waited anothe 45 mins No one came. He called and said lets leave I'm in pain. No place to sit down, He has 8 back surgeries. I have spent a lot of money at this store and I was crying when I complained to the young lady at customer service.

It broke my heart that my husband, a retired Vietnam vet, visibly disabled had been treated so shabily.

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In every department at Lowe's is a Sign

Red& Yellow Need Help. Press the button and the intercom will say Help needed in ( Grill's ). Until a associate shows up and turns it off, it will continue!

If the Associate for some reason doesn't help you press the button again. Last resort ask for the

MOD Manager On Duty.


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Ray :) :)

Clyst Saint Mary, England, United Kingdom #26767

:( Stop complaining all you old people is reality you probaly only waited like five minutes but in old people time i guess thats an're just pissed off that you were not helped right when you asked for is....and why did you cry about it silly women

East Dorset, Vermont, United States #16287

I work in retail, and a lot of times customers say this very thing, unfortunatley we all are at the mercy of what our bosses allow us to do, 15 years as a manager I can assure you that no one that works in retail intentionally does anything to hurt the customer or it's just that most of the time there are only two people working in a department, neither of the employees have any control over the payroll, or control of hiring anymore help, and probably are helping another customer just like you.....that's not to say that I, or retail as a whole are not sensitive to your situation, or that I personally am gratefull of your husbands service, like him, I'm sure it's easy for people to criticize and make comments about war or soldiers until you walk in a soldiers boots.... same thing...

retail workers,are people also that have feelings just as you, and want to help, but most of the time, day after day dealing with customers,negatively ,makes youcold, and sometimes short to deal with.... again, not trying to be mean or hurtfull to you, just showing you the other side of that fence......

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