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6 years ago while on active duty I purchased the 49 piece xtreme access ratchet set part number 379758. Recently the 1/4 ratchet gave out.

Part number 379801. I took it to Lowe's and was told they couldn't do anything because it's no longer made or sold, and then told me to call Kobalt. When I called I was instantly confronted with an extremely rude woman that made it very clear she wouldn't do anything and that I needed to go back to Lowe's. So once again I made the 30 minute trip to Lowe's.

They searched the store and couldn't find any substitutes. Originally they wanted to swap out the ratchet only. After finding nothing they offered to let me buy a newer set at cost. Which was going to run 40$+ for a set that is sold for $50+.

Just to replace something that is supposed to be hassle free life time warranty. I declined the offer of spending more money to replace an item that's supposed to be under warranty. I called kobalt again and they then said I would need the receipt since the item was no longer in their system. They claim they're not able to verify the warranty even though it's right on the package.

I was told that Lowe's should have taken the set and replaced it with another comparable set. I can honestly say I'll think twice before buying kobalt or lowes in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Same ratchet—-same problem. Exactly the same....word for word.


You got six years of use out of it. Manufacturers warranties cover defects in workmanship, NOT wear and tear.

If it worked for six years then clearly there was no defect. You realize that nothing is ACTUALLY made to last a lifetime, right?

to Kii #1446329

Then shouldn’t be a “ lifetime “ warranty.

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