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Imagine you own a home, imagine you want to upgrade/update your windows and doors, imagine Lowe’s enters the picture…

Now imagine a salesperson -from the Paterson Lowe’s-; kind, courteous, follows up, is polite about spending hours with you during the selection and approval process. Comes in the evenings making it oh so easy for you to sign on the dotted line.

Promising – in writing- a delivery and installation date 2 weeks after the contract is signed.

Now fast-forward 6 months into the future and note the following:

1.Windows that were either installed incorrectly or are missing pieces

2.Screens that are ripped and/or bent

3.A front door which -after much ado- was returned but never properly refunded

4.A lifetime guarantee which clearly nobody takes seriously and exists in promise only

5.A company which -even after trying to resolve issues with much patience and follow-up on the client’s side – doesn’t care.

Unfortunately we live in a world where a company who has been lacking basic communication skills can survive, where a customer’s complaints and attempts at securing what the signed contract called for– a promise to the client- can not only be not kept but the customer also penalized for attempting to resolve the issue. I am left paying for a job half-done with no avenue for recourse.

How is that OK?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Windows And Doors Department.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Lowes Cons: Severe lack of communication between customer and lowes.

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Not sure why you would end up paying for "a job half-done"with no avenue for recourse. Perhaps you paid them in full prior to installation?

If so, big mistake. You may be able to sue Lowe's in small claims court. Check it out. Lowe's will deny any liability as they didn't make the windows nor do they employ the installer---they are sub-contractors used by Lowe's for these jobs and are supposed to carry their own insurance, etc.

When you go to a big box store and have construction work done, be aware that the big box store will try to ignore your problems and deny any culpability, blaming the sub or the manufacturer.

Check out the small claims court filing. They have a maximum dollar limit, depending on your state.

Yonca S

Yes, we paid up front because we received a discount for putting it on the Lowe's card. I will look into small claims court, thank you.


Stores like Lowes require payment in full at the time you place the order.