Hagerstown, Maryland

I called lowes of LaVale To see if web site was right to uses a Home Depot discount card . They said that was right because there are the Home Depot within the area.

I could use it. Three days later I go to lowes ( LaVale ) . They said I could not use it. I told them what was told to me on the phone.

They still said I could not use it and they did not know were a Home Depot was. I told them there is two of them within 65 miles of LaVale and one within 75 miles.

If I would have know this I would have gone to Home Depot and saved 20% . The drive would have been worth it,so I will from now on for my building supply and all other things.

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i dont understand why you just wouldnt use the discount card at an actual home depot... you got it the card, use it where it says to.


So 65-miles s nearby? That's hardly the same market!

Nearby when it comes to retail is normally 20 minutes or less. I could for see Lowes employees not being aware of Home Depots more than a hour away because they DON'T WORK for Home Depot they work for Lowes.