Woodbridge, Connecticut

Hello everyone. Basically any customer can return anything at will.

The Lowe's Computers at the Lowe's stores flash on their screens NO HASTLE RETURNS. If the manager refuses to take back the return then ask for the corp number and call and state You have personally seen the no hustle return policy flash on the Lowe's computers. Remember the Wallingford Lowe's is called the return store for a reason. They take everything back and ask to speak to Jim previs if they will not take back your return.

This store takes back all special orders even months later or will do disconts weeks and months later if you are not satisfied with you product, just keep comming back with a new complaint and they will continue to give more disocunts.

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I love Lowe's! It's a great store, and I get great help all the time.

Can't get enough, you're totally right by the way, they do take back a lot of stuff.

But in the end it keeps the customers happy and loyal. :grin


Regardless of this persons spelling the message is clear what he intends to relay. Which in some locations the store ends up looking like a yard sale instead of a corporate leader.


IMO, there is nothing wrong with returning almost every thing. It keeps Lowe's customers from needing to come to sites like these. People that get mad over the return policy are not likely to be repeat customers.

I think OP is an employee or ex-employee.

Guys, I can't spell either. But this is teh interwebs.


Can someone please tell me what a "disconts" is? I think the "over excited" consumer meant "discounts".

Can someone please figure out a way to make a spell check program so people like the person above stop looking like illiterate idiots? The same person that returns everything is the same person that never made it through grade school. Stop trying to take advantage of the system.

God Bless America! :cry


Can you do me a favor and learn how to spell before you post something online? It really shows what type of person you are when you return everything and you can't even spell.

Can you READ??? :x