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I am at the Lowes in Bradley Illinois and I have been standing at the paint desk waiting for service for over 15 min. There have been 3 over head request to have a person come to the desk.

This is ridiculous. As of writing this I am still waiting. I only buy my paint at Lowes and this is terrible service. They now just announced a 4th request to get someone to the desk.

I drive 40 min to get to Lowe's which is the closest to me. Well I'll keep waiting ver unhappily

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Incompetence.

Location: 860 North Kinzie Avenue, Bradley, IL 60915

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Yeah because YOU'RE the only person in the store that needs help.. Listen, this is what you get for being cheap and shopping at a big box store just to save a couple of dollars per gallon.

That saving is brought to you through the reduction of wages(which reduces morale) and the reduction of staff(which reduces morale and runs people ragged). If you want great service, shop a local, higher-priced hardware store.

Assuming your thing for cheap prices hasn't run them out of business. As to your waiting, No One Cares...

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