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Hello everyone, my name is Mike Lewis and I would like you to help me with boycotting Lowe's Home Improvement centers because of the discrimination my brother went through with Lowe's that I personally witnessed at the store in Bowie Maryland, from the manager at that store. Over six months ago I received over 300 emails from friends and family from all over the country telling me not to shop at Costco over the incident of the baby black doll that had a hat on calling it the "little monkey" and since that time, I and my family have closed our accounts with Costco. In December of 2008 my brother went to use a friend's credit card at Lowe's that he had been using for years to buy items to help do handyman work and he was denied the use of the credit card but to make things worse the Manager of the Bowie Lowes store treated him in a very prejudice and discriminating way. I happen to walk in the store a few minutes after my brother was humiliated and he explained what happened. I gave my credit card to my Caucasian buddy, we will call him Mr. H, and he proceeded to buy a much pricier item with my credit card with nobody stopping HIM from making the purchase with someone else's card. I then proceeded to where the manager was and told him what happened and asked him why my brother was denied yet my friend was not. The manager was rude and disrespectful and made prejudiced references to my brother "getting caught" as if my African American brother was doing something wrong, yet my white friend was not treated the same way. I called him on what happened with my white friend, as in that nothing happened, he was not stopped and the manager just waved it away as if that was Ok. Like I told the racist Lowe's manager at the time, that it's 2008 and it's a shame we are still being treated this way and he proceeded to kick us out of the store, "his" store he said. My brother's lawyers filed a 10 million dollar law suit against Lowes over this incident in Federal court and after a long time frame a very small payment was made to him to shut him up. At the deposition for my brothers case, I was asked if I had ever been arrested or been fired from a job, but they didn't as Mr. H these questions. I received a document from Loews wanting my brother's wife and me to sign off on the suit case that my brother had against them, for us to agree that "Lowe's expressly denies that it discriminated against Lewis" yet "Lowe's acknowledges that its former store manager could have responded to the December 21, 2008 complaint made by Lewis" "more constructively", yet Mr. H. who was also there and witnessed everything was not asked/told to sign off on the law suit. I refused to sign the Lowe's document and my brother's wife also refused to sign because she wasn't there and I was also just a witness in the suit case that my brother had with Loews. Lowe's does not want anyone to spread the news that they discriminate. If Lowes did nothing wrong, it is amazing that a year later that no one involved with this discrimination case from Lowe's, works at that store in Bowie anymore, how convenient. Lowe's has a history of discrimination and if you need more proof, you can Google "Lowe's discrimination" and see the cases and issues that others have had with Lowe's.

I ask you to please support local "Mom and Pop" hardware stores or go to Home Depot and NOT to shop at Lowe's because they treat minorities with bigotry and discrimination. This is the year 2010 and we should not put up with discrimination, racism and bigotry from any company, any organization or anyone. Also, please call, write or email Lowe's Corporate Headquarters

Lowe's Customer Care

P.O. Box 1111

North Wilkesboro, NC 28656



and complain about the discrimination that their company practices and tell them that you will not stand for this type of behavior and that you will NOT shop at any of their stores till Lowe's acknowledges the discrimination and bigotry issues, Lowe's employees must all take diversity training sessions on how to treat minorities and that they donate Ten Million dollars to Bowie State University to go to minority students.

Thank You all for your support against bigotry, prejudice and discrimination.

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The University of California system (higher education system) has the same problems with discrimination. Although the state legislature allows such discriminatory behavior, there has been no motivation to correct it.

The only time that these issues are addressed is if there is public challenge to their policies (i.e., it was no mistake that Donald Sterling's contribution to UCLA was returned after his racist rants were discovered. It was only returned due to the public scrutiny and UC's referral to policies that are not worth the paper they are written on that caused UCLA to make the decision to decline the money hoping to separate themselves from the culture of racism that they know exists.)

Parents, students and people of color should not believe that UC and specifically the Office of the President, care about people of color in their organization.


What goes around comes around. To all the blatant racists who have previously posted and the ones that will surely follow.

Karma. Hope you enjoy it.


All cashiers don't do their job right, if the customer hasn't signed his card or if the name doesn't match (Name "helen" for instance and it's a dude), they should check for ID. Doesn't matter if they're white, black, or green.

On a side note putting "check for ID" is a total waste of time, if your card gets stolen do you really think the thief will keep that on?.. All you need to erase it is basic alcohol.


I loved the "Little Monkey" doll. I've got it hanging around somewhere.

It is illegal to use someone elses credit card. And if your "white" friend got away with it but your bro got caught then it sucks to be him. Two wrongs don't make a right. On my credit card it says ask for ID, rarely does that ever happen and that is a concern.

You strike me as the type of person that if your brother got killed holding up a jewelry store, you'd sue the jeweler for discrimination as well.

Frivolis lawsuits cost customers money in the end due to the cost of lawyers etc. and the rising costs of the items we buy.

@Oh my God

People should pay for discrimination. Maybe then it would stop.

You totally miss the point. The story has nothing to do with his brother robbing anyone.

It has to do with a white man having privileges not shared by a black man. Are you for real or are you just ignorant?


:cry been a employee for there 8 years and seen all the abuse dicrimination, sets ups ect-- the place is like the game surviour :(


your brother priobably did steal the credit card no way some black person can afford to spend as much as he did without stolen money.


Couple questions: Did your white friend go through the same cashier as your brother? Because the first one actually did the right thing.

Your brother is a stranger to that person as is the person who's name is on the card and if someone came into a store with my credit card I would much appreciate if they questioned that it wasn't me. The person who let your white friend do it was actually the one in the wrong. And also....10 million? Are you kidding me?

Even if you got the court to case they wouldn't make anyone pay that much for something that can easily be drawn out as inconsistent implementation of procedure (as I have just done above).

Sad to say but nobody is going to boycott big box stores because when it comes down to the end of the day the majority of us need the cheaper products and that's who offers it. We asked for it.


Don't even consider working for any Lowes. Discrimination everywhere - they could care less about their employees.

Zone managers sleeping with anybody and everybody. Shut up

and do your job and they will still find something to "write you up" for


I worked at Lowe's in Knoxville, TN. The store manager is female, hr manager is female, most of management staff is female.

I was denied 13 times on transfers to other departments because "You don't have any experience in that dpt". I showed up for work every day, answered questions my fellow employees could not, could tell any customer where ANYTHING was, but "I didn't have any experience". I complained to corporate just to have the store manager tell me I did the wrong thing, and, if I did that again it was grounds for termination.

I stayed on for a month longer and took my happy but to a better job. Good employees are hard to find, go to Lowe's 486 and you'll see that *** is not something you just step in, it's the type of employee you'll encounter when you walk in the door.


I know that employees are taught in training never to discrimminate. However, as an employee I have witnessed blatant discrimmination and retaliation directed towards co-workers and myself. HR usually buries any compaints, then labels the person a trouble maker. Then they harass and taunt the person until they quit.

For example in my store, hispanics are given preferential treatment because the second in command is hispanic. All full-time employees are supposed to have open availability but hispanics in my store decide when they are going to work. If they don't like you, then they complain to the Operations Manager and she changes your schedule to something totally undesirable. I have had this happen to me and I am a manager. A hispanic employee does not feel that I should be off on any weekends so she complains and they change my schedule and call me in on the weekend.

Yet I was reprimanded for missing one hispanics weekend off on the schedule that I make (we are only supposed to have one per month) and she had already had one off two weeks before. As retalliation, I was called in on my Sunday off at 5am and the store does not open until 8am.


Ziggy, The LAWYER decided the sum, not the brother and it was never about the money. Lowes had a racist manager that treated a black person with disrespect ahd humiliation while letting a white person do the same thing.

The credit card thing was only the symptom of the problem and the problem was BIOGOTRY, Prejudice and racism. Most of those on this that posted negative posts, don't get it or are racists too....


Was your card signed? Cashiers are required to ask for ID on credit cards that are not signed, as we have nothing to match the signature to. There are many other retail chains that require ID on all credit card transactions.

The customers seem to get more upset when we do things to protect them (and our store) from fraud. I've had a customer walk around the counter and get in my face screaming at me because I asked for ID. That said person told me that it was against the law to ask to see their ID.

I personally have my signature as well as check ID on the back of all my credit/debit cards. I have also been thanked by MANY customers for asking for it.

I'm sorry that you feel that this is discrimination, but I'm sure that the cashier you dealt with just wasn't doing their job.


Do I understand this right - you're upset because you were not allowed to break the law by using someone else's credit card? Interesting.

BTW, you never mentioned what race the check-out person was. I'm sure now that we've asked that the answer will be obvious, but you gotta figure when folks are being paid close to minimum, you get what you pay for.

And since you weren't allowed to break the law, it's all Lowe's fault. Dude you will be laughed out of court if it even get's that far.




Stop crying and MAN UP !


Yeah who would have thought that people are trying to sue a 4 billion dollar a year company. Im sure that home depot or the local hardware store has never done anything like this. You know the one that pays people 7.50 an hour wont hire black people, women, or mexicans..


Thanks everyone for your comments. I think it’s great that we can have a conversation without anyone getting ANGRY.

Yes, I do agree that the manager handled this situation wrong. However, as I mentioned this issues was handle wrong doing the deposition why did they ask me and my brother if we were every arrested ETC? The questions, were inappropriate.. Also, my brother showed the manager receipt of previous purchases that he had made using Mr.

H credit card. Also, if you Google Lowes this is not the first case involving discrimination.

P.S my brother has a good job. Thanks, Mike


I agree with the other comments. How can you sue someone because they refuse a credit card from someone that is using someone else's card. You should be more upset at the person who accepted the white person's card and not upset at all for the refusal of your friend's card because that transaction was done per policy...not per profiling.


Honestly, every cashier doesn't follow the rules and the ones that do usually *** the customer off. This situation has nothing to do with the color of anyone's skin.

It has to do with the manager on duty and the cashier working at this time. I'm a cashier at Lowe's and have encountered this situation quite often. It is Lowe's policy and many other stores policies. I don't understand why you are so angry.

You wouldn't be so mad if someone had stolen your card, took it to a store and tried purchasing merchandise but the cashier checked their i.d.

and refused service. So, I guess on behalf of the manager and cashier I can say your welcome and next time bring the card holder with you so that you do not encounter any problems.