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We went to the store to buy several items one of them was a large tote.There were some on the top shelf.So we called for help.The help came to us in a nice manner but after he strapped himself to an electronic lift the situation went from nice to crazy. The employee pulled all the totes at the same time to the lift.

The next thing we see is him throwing the lids down and the lift comes down he gets off the lift and starts yelling and kicking everything around when my spouse told me come on lets go we didn't come here for this *** obviously the guy picked the wrong job to work at the employee started yelling at him and walking angrily towards him and then chest bumped him and yelling told us to leave the store. Then after walking off saying they were going to get security. Came back and wanted to know what we were buying. Having no clue what is wrong with them we called the police.

A customer on the same isle went and got the store manager. After talking to her and several other employees the police and my husband go to a private room to talk. Several minutes go by and my husband comes out and tells me they are not going to do anything because it was a he said she said situation and the employee claimed that we insulted him by pulling a tote out of his hands causing him injury. Funny they never talked to the guy who witnessed the whole thing and didn't know us from Adam.

The store claimed they had no camera in the area. And only one person said they were sorry cleaned up the mess and gave us a tote. Nothing else was said to us. Do not no the outcome as we were not told anything further from any of the staff that day.

All we can do is assume they were siding with there employees version of the situation even though the so called non camera would clearly show different.

And the area was clearly a mess from the lids hitting the floor and being kicked around. Never ever again will we go to this location.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Employee Assault .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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