Barnegat Township, New Jersey
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The first time I used the dishwasher it would not run through an entire cycle. Called Lowes.

They sent a repair man out two weeks after the call. The repair man said it was error 13. Needed a bigger valve not enough water pressure.Got the valve in two days. Repair man was a "no show", for the second appt.

I called back Lowes they got them to come back 4 days later to install. Still doesn't work.Lowes made three other repair calls "all no shows". I missed 4 days of work.Lowes will not call me back.I've had a broken dishwasher since October 7th.They say they will call me back and don't.

Don't go to lowes and don't buy Whirlpool. I am out 400.00 and 4 days worth of pay.Worst two companies ever!!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Another Broken Whirlpool Dishwasher from Lowes...

I had a similar experience. Bought new Whirlpool dishwasher from Lowes and within a few days, it started turning itself off mid-cycle.

We had better luck with repair people (A&E) coming on the appointed day, though they were 1.5 hours late two out of three times.

I wrote a review about the specific product on the Lowes site and even though it met their policies, they emailed me that my review was rejected. That tells me that reviews on their site can't be trusted any more than the products they sell.

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