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We bought a washer that came with free home delivery and installation.

The installer did not connect the hoses properly. He left before test run was complete. Thecwashroom is upstairs. Water was pouring through the dining room light fixtures.

LOWES USES A THIRD PARTY COMPANY FOR INSTALLATION AND DELIVERY, but they do not tell you this. The number on the receipt is for a company called DSI but the phone is answered with “You have reached Lowe’s home Delivery”.

The damage is so extensive that we are displaced from home.

DSI used a subcontractor who refused to provide insurance information. DSI refused to provide insurance information. Days later Lowe’s gave me a claim number, and the adjuster called three days after that.

Lowe’s sent an independant adjuster to assess the damages. I made it clear to all parties that I am a renter, please separate the claims. Stevelyn Wright who was assigned my claim said “let’s just keep it in your name for now”.

I asked her to assign a vendor to pack/move/store our property so repairs could take place. She became angry and said “WE ARE LOWES, NOT INSURANCE”. I explained that I am disabled and the $500 the adjuster allowed for this service wasn’t reasonable. She repeated her comment, then said “ now the homeowner will just have to go through her own insurance”.

Duh, I don’t know why you thought you could get me to take money on her behalf to begin with.

It’s been over a month - I’ve spoken with 4 adjusters, wasted countless hours speaking with Lowe’s Customer Care, requested to speak to Mrs. Wright’s supervisor ( no, I can’t have his email or voicemail per customer service. They said they’d send him a message. )

Stevelyn Wright called after I told her I’d use my own insurance. I missed the call, tried to call back. I asked her to email instead, never heard from her.

Oh yeah, I have audio of the guy admitting fault. Lowe’s has the audio, photos, and videos. They just don’t care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Washing Machine Installation.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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It sounds like the people at Lowe's don't have any Conner sense!


How about a class action lawsuit against Lowe's?


Now you know. Lowe's employs subcontractors.

All Lowe's is responsible for is the malfunctioning appliance. The sub must carry his own insurance and bond. You're barking up the wrong tree trying to recoup from Lowe's.

And if it's not your building, it isn't your insurance problem. Your goods and items, yes ; the structure, not likely.


What does your landlord say about all of this? He has insurance and you should also as a renter.

Between both yours and his insurance plus, of course Lowe's insurance everything should be fine. Except, apparently it isn't.

Get with your landlord, your own renter's insurance and see what can be done. You or your landlord might want to get an attorney involved for the discussions with Lowe's.


The landlord and I both have insurance. The problem was that Lowes assumed responsibility then withdrew part of what they said they would cover.The homeowners insurance hasn’t approved repairs yet, and don’t seem to be in a rush.Late to the game was DSI, who eventually provided insurance info, said they would help, then a week later said they wouldn’t.Attorney sounds like the next step, but not sure what area of practice specializes in this type of situation.