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Went to Lowe's to purchase 75 dollars of goods. I handed them My Veterans Service card...I am 70% disabled.

I was told that I needed to apply for that, after a bit of discussion, I told the employee that I would pass on what they had...I went directly to Home Depot where I was thanked for my service, Asked if I could use some help out...I will be buying all I need at Home Depot now...As will my 4 sons. I love my country, would do all I need to do to defend it again if I were asked. I am certainly not asking for compensation of any kind.

It is entirely obvious as to who and what the directors of Lowe's are. The employee at the register was embarrassed, and said she was sorry and that she was not able to override the policy on her register...

It seems Lowe's is in business for the almighty dollar..So sorry that there seems to be no human concern...May you be out of business in the next 5 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Lowes Pros: I liked the employee.

Lowes Cons: I am pissed.

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Fighting for our country is commendable. It's nice when a company chooses to reward your service.

Getting mad when you don't get one, just shows me that not all service men or women are honorable folk. You sound like an entitled ***


Any disrespect here is on your part towards Lowes. Lowes offered you a discount which you chose not to take because of the way the operate their discount program.

Then you have the nerve to complain about their being in business to make dollar. Why else are they there? Their goal is to earn a profit. If they have to screen people claiming to be veterans to avoid abuse of their discounts so be it.

Take a look at the other forums out there, including Home Depot. You see far too many vets complaining about not getting discounts rather than thanking the business that offer one.


home depot doesn't have a veterans discount at all. How do i know? I read the multiple complaints about it on the Home Depot thread.


Another boomer snowflake. Post another meme on Facebook about how the younger generations are the most entitled, k?


Doubt they will be out of business anytime soon. Your are fortunate that they offer you a discount at all.

There are a lot of other equally deserving professions that don't get one. Menards is doing just fine and they don't offer discounts at all.


Well guess what, that’s what you were fighting for. And yes you do expect to be compensated.

Or you wouldn’t ask for a discount.

Then punish them for not giving a discount by influencing your four sons to not shop there. Double standard much?


You cannot just automatically expect every store to give you a veteran's discount. Some do, some don't.

Lowe's does not. Now that you know Home Depot gives a discount, shop there from now on.

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