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Last year,Nov.17, I signed a sales contract with a former sales representative for Lowe's ,John Polk(since retired) to purchase 3 white hopper basement units for $1443.52.They were to be installed by installers from Dean Construction(Elmira, NY) once the windows arrived. I was hoping that they would be installed by winter of 2018.The windows were ordered at that time.

They arrived late in December.My agreement with Lowe's was to have the windows installed if the weather allowed ..any day the temperature was above 50 degrees. When the opportunity arrived for the installation, I called Lowe's to inquire about the installation.A representative told me the windows were no where to be located.He had no idea what happened to them. He'd have to reorder the windows.I had to wait for another month(February) for their arrival and eventual installation.When the windows arrived, I called and then was told "they delivered ONLY 2 of the windows"...that they'd have to once again reorder the 3rd window! During that time I received a few calls from a Lowe's representative inquiring how I liked the windows and about the installment.

I explained to her my windows issue.She apologized and she told me that I should be compensated for the extreme delay and frustrations.I was NEVER compensated! The 3rd window FINALLY arrived in early April. However the weather would not co-operate.There were no days above 50 for April and early May.Then the weather got better but there was another problem. The company that Lowe's hired(Dean Construction) to install the 3 windows were booked solid!

We finally agreed to have the windows installed on July 22, '19.Once again the weather didn't cooperate...it rained all that day.We picked another date for the installation... July 31... it rained once again(chagrin). It wasn't until August 13th that the WINDOWS were finally installed!!

9 MONTHS AFTER I SIGNED THE SALES CONTRACT FOR THE WINDOWS!! I expected a call from a LOWE'S representative inquiring if I was satisfied with the windows and the installation. I was. However, I WAS NOT satisfied with the rest of the purchase process.I was aggravated and frustrated with the delay after delay after delay.The windows I had hoped to be installed before the winter of 2018 where FINALLY installed close to 9 months later !!!

Had I know beforehand of all the difficulties I had incurred . I'd have picked another company to purchase the windows from.

I never received a "satisfaction review" from Lowe's nor was I compensated for all my aggravation and frustration.Next time I need some installation(or product purchase) I doubt I'd get it from Lowe's as a result of this imbroglio.... a disgruntled customer.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Pros: Quality of products and wide selection.

Lowes Cons: Delivery issues limited customer review inquiry.

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