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I have received Veteran's discounts from numerous Lowe's in Virginia. Unfortunately Farmville Lowe's does not HONER Veteran's that served.

they only honor Vet's that are retired only, not Vet's that served. My Military Card expired, I was instructed to get anew validation from the D.M.V. FARMVILLE does not Honor this from of I.D. SHAME SHAME!!!!!!

I hope Lowe's Headquarter take's this Matter Serious, and instructs FARMVILLE VA. to Honor what all the other Lowe's in Virginia Honor. Thank you for looking into this matter.

William R. Irizarry Farmville Resident

Reason of review: Farmville Branch doesn't Honor Veterans Discount.

Lowes Cons: That they do not honor the dmv military dd214 id.

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They do honor vets of all types on certain holidays. They do give out the discount for all Active and Retired 365 days a year.

And even then I have a problem with it because of their abuse of it. The discount is supposed to be for personal use. A lot of the people with the military ID's are using it to get a discount for their business', and when you call them out you're the bad guy for "Not supporting your troops". And the other way they abuse it is coming in an making large purchases for the friends, people who didn't serve.

Tell me, when do Depot give a military discounts? Only on Memorial Day, Quatro De Julio, and Veterans Day.

Who else gives out Military Discounts on a daily basis? Not many.

But FUQ Lowe's for not giving each and every single person, who have out on a uniform, a 10% discount 365 days a year, right? ***


while i don't work at lowe's i do work retail and i can tell you this, these types of complaints really chap my hide.

so sick of people complaining of not receiving such a pitiful amount off and then having to play the "service" card by stating they served in such & such an area and all that.

why should only veterans get discounts whether the policy says certain days or all the time? there are just as many other jobs and professions that are just as honorable and deserving of our respect and they don't get a discount while shopping.


The dd214 is only honored on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veteran's Day. That's Lowe's policy and the store was following it. The rest of the stores in Virginia that were accepting that form of ID (which I highly doubt) are in violation, and will probably get in trouble for it.

But I am really sorry you didn't get a dollar off your purchase.