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I have recently purchased a home in St. Louis MO. I used Lowe's for interior doors. They hired a contractor SIMS. This contractor sent 3 people. SIMS damaged 6 out of 7 doors, damaged my door frames, put the door frames on backwards, and ruined several of my walls. They put floor borders on one of my doors and used a 2 x 4 on the other side and caulked it in. They were rude and unskilled. When complaining to Lowe's I had to physical meet with all the managers as they did not offer to come to the home until I said Regional Manager's name please. They came to the house within 24 hours of SIMS being there. They took pictures and refund the install. Another company is installing my exterior doors, I can only pray it turns out right. They refunded the install and said they would have the exterior guy to look at what he can do to fix it. In the mean time my baseboards do not any longer line up with the door molding, my walls are damaged, big gashes in the walls. The exterior guy will install the exterior but doesn't know if he can help with the interior, but he will look at it to see. In the meantime what was a nice home now looks like it has been in a construction accident. I paid a lot of money for these doors. I think the contractors they use at Lowes they do not go out and find qualified ones or ones that have an A+ rating with BBB or Mo Attorney General. They have to fix the issues.

Next, I hired Lowes at the same time to install a water heater and HVAC system. The Trio Plumbing installed the water heater; sit down for this one. Will the plumber installed the water heater and did not attach the flute with screws but with TAPE. Then he crimped the gas line and used needle nose to open it back up and taped that. Used old bolts instead of new ones because the bolts were stripped and he used a compound to seal it. There was gas leaking when turned on. Will said since the HVAC people was still working he could not turn it on. When the inspectors came, there were two, they said FAILED. Contacted Trio Plumbing and the manager is rude, loud, interrupts you and when raising my voice to get over his, he says I am hanging up I don't need to take this. But never hung up continued to make excuses. We actually taped the conversation and have the consumer reporting for the state to review it. This company may not be qualified or licensed as both inspectors state this is some really poor quality work. Will didn't turn on the gas and made that excuse, but the real reason is Will crimped the gas line and it smelled. The HVAC company fixed Trio's errors and purposeful intent.

The HVAC company used was a success.

I would highly be cautious of using Lowes for any consumer.

This reviewer shared experience about "install quality vendors contractors lowe's hire" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $6000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Lowes. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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