Altoona, Pennsylvania

I dont know why the bosses get excited about the DM's coming to the store. Its like christmas for me, it means there will be soap and paper towels in the bathroom.

It also means that most of the worthless blueberrys will be doing some real work which means my one man show might actually get some help. Lowes should change their commercial to say "we'll kill the morale of every employee by asking for more and giving you less.

At least at Burger King I got a bonus for christmas. Lets all rise up employees, take a stand.

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This made me laugh... Our DM is in our store DAILY...

Also, our Zone mgrs are constantly on the floor, helping customers, bringing town top stock, zoning the depts.

Sounds like you work for a terrible store.

(we bonus every quarter! ) :grin


It happen's all the time so just get over it

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