Has anybody seen a short and fat guy walking around the Lowes stores in Spokane Valley,Wa. with the store manager and if you have, have you asked for some help and they ignored you?

Well I would like to know about it, since it happen to me and I would like to know who that little person is. I shop there at least three to four times a week.

That is the worst time I have had at that store in the two that I go to. Lowes seem to have gotten worst in the last year and half and I believe it's the managers or people above them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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What is horrid is, folks like this (claim they are not being helped, or are treated horrid, or are ignored, or refused service... Really do think with their pockets and what they can get...

How about thinking about the person wearing that vest? How about asking someone with a vest? IF you ask the person wearing a vest, that if you beg, would they help you? IF that person wearing the vest flippin responds, no (as that is the answer to your question, as no one needs to beg in order to get help), and immediately says yes let's get you some help...

Don't flippin walk away and then later taunt an associate wearing a vest. Then later contacting someone claiming to had been denied help, you left without being helped and you were mistreated by someone with a flippin attitude. Then BAM folks, you shoppers who are like this, please pull your heads out and think for once, think about who you are screwing over because you want a discount... I am so sick of customers thinking they are always right, as those who act like monsters and abuse those who wear those vests...

Majority work their butts off to make a stinking living and endure more abuse than you can think of.

They have enought to deal with. Man this is such an irritating rant, sorry.


Sorry this happened to someone very close to me and it ruined their lives as his carrier was ended. So people, stop with your stinking whinning and find a flippin associate wearing a flippin vest.

IF you are not "getting help" or "being ignored"... I so agree with the other comments.


Don't be a coward. If you want to know who it is, then grow a pair and walk up and ask him who he is.


What difference does it make who the man was, and why did you have to use discriminatory remarks to describe him? What in heaven's name could you possibly need from Lowe's that you would have to shop there three to four times a week?

Next time you need help find somebody other than the manager to ask. I don't suppose it ever occurred to you that the person with the manager could have one of his supervisors that was visiting and taking a tour of the store, and the manager was pointing out different things to him.

That being said, I don't think things have happened exactly the way you stated. Maybe there is something in your attitude.