Anchorage, Alaska
Customer service

I pulled into the rear loading area for contractors and as usual, there is a Lowes semi truck flatbed parked right in the middle of the entrance to the driveway. Making it impossible to enter the loading area.

I entered the store and talked to the cashier, who was not helpful. I then walked over to the contractors desk and asked why the driver had to block the entrance to the loading area. He said that they were in the process of loading the flatbed. Which they were not, because all 6 of them were over by the large garage door, inside BSing.

I was in the store for over 25 minutes and when I left they were still blocking the entrance. Why does Lowes not hire some employees that actually care about their work ethics and the company they work for. Not one employee cares anymore at Lowes. You could tell them the building was burning down and its like "not my problem", whenever I have problems at Lowes, I go right across the street to the next non customer service store Home Depot.

Get your act together Lowes, hire managers that bust some heads. Your employees need better training and be respectful.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Rudeness, Workers in rush do not take pride in work, Unprofessional customer service.

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Wait, so you're upset at Lowe's for using their loading area for loading?


As a cashier, we do not know everything about the store or the departments or what the people in those departments do, whereas we are trained on the REGISTER, which is OUR JOB is to be a CASHIER. It is not OUR JOB to babysit the *** managers that we have.

I do not suggest shopping at lowes. they are a *** company and do not care about the good employees that they do have.

And they do DISCRIMINATE, They are discriminating against me right now because i am pregnant and I am being let go. *** this company.