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Problem #1: Went through entire cycle. When it turned off, the clothes were only partly wet and not washed. Was told to try a different setting.

Problem #2: Different setting - same problem. Was told to try LESS detergent, because machine panel senses when you are using too much soap and goes through cycle anyway...WHAT the???

Problem #3: Different setting, different kind of soap - clothes got wet but not clean.

Problem #4: Machine has a stinking odor. Did the machine cleaning thing. Machine might be clean, but not the clothes.

Problem #5: Very small load, a little more water, clothes came out like they went in......ENOUGH !

Problem #6: FINALLY got through to Lowes - service man came out the following week. Said the drain hose was hooked up wrong (it wasn't). Reset and re-calibrated all cycles. Gave me a rundown on problems with this piece of junk......the good ole folks in Washington has passed laws regarding how much water, electricity, etc. we consumers are the environment, save the planet, etc., etc. etc. more government control. Machine is supposed to "pull the dirt out of the clothes, not wash through the items". Well, the answer to this kind of thinking is: There is a difference between a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine and some Washington genius is confused as to which is which. Figures.

Problem #7: Reset and re-calibration did no good. Mfg. warranty is now out.....but, we bought the extended warranty! Local repair man comes out....ordered a new "brain panel" this panel is no better than the first one. Wrote to Whirlpool. No response.

Problem #8: Repair man is very nice person....will be in business for the rest of his life trying to fix a product that cannot be fixed but is willing to keep trying different components.

Solution to my problem: I am not going to have this piece of junk hauled away and spend my hard earned money on a different brand.

I am going to utilize the extended warranty I paid extra money for and call the repair person every week. At least it will be helping a small business owner to stay afloat in this terrible economy.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1000.


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