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I purchased an expensive refrigerator cartridge from lowes recently and was unable to return it without a reciept. I paid cash for it and apparently they have no way of tracking it.

The clerk said there was a block on my ID to return this type of item. She indicated that these things many times are stolen. Its their Corporate policy not to accept the return. Way to go Lowes Corporate.

I will not return out of principle. To infer that i stole the item completely unacceptable and maybe actionably.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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This is a common policy at many retail stores. You are the problem, not Lowes.

It isn't their fault you couldn't hang on to the receipt. Stores have to protect themselves from shoplifters who try to return the products they stole. People who actually pay for the products they are taking out of the store will have a receipt. A shoplifter never will.

The only way to protect themselves from the thieves is to limit returns on high price items and the quantity of no receipt returns a person can make.

They also do not return cash without a receipt, only store credit and usually for the lowest sale price an item sold for. In the future, hang onto your receipt, if in fact you got one, and avoid the problem of returning products without a receipt.


Compared to other retailers, Lowe’s is fairly lenient on their return policy. If you pay cash, there is no way to tie the purchase to you without a receipt.

However they will take take the return in good faith, in order to accomodate the customer, with the showing of your ID.

The only way they will put a “block on an ID” is if there are multiple returns without a receipt, they search the records and find discrepancies.


While you are at it, take action against me. Will go just as far. You are incompetent if not a crook.

to Anonymous #1409217

Anonymous. Just an Internet troll.

Likely the incompetent employee that did not help. The customer is always right. Many times even when they are wrong.

You know noting about the situation. Troll along now.

to Anonymous #1409299

Customer is always right went away 50 years ago. Get into the correct century.

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