Lebanon, Missouri
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I purchased a water heater. The man did not know anything about a water heater.

So called expert (lady) came and told me I needed to purchase a side tank, because it was coded in the town I live in. a $359.10 water heater ended up costing me $700.12! The plumber which they hired said I should of call the plumbing company it would only cost me $75.00 for installation, through Lowe's it was $325.00 which also included delivery and several hidden charges.

I am a widow and no nothing about these things and I believe they (Lowes) took advantage of me. I will not even go into another Lowe's and I would suggest you do the same.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Lowes Pros: Product was fine.

Lowes Cons: Customer service, Poor training.

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Retail stores are in business to make money. They charged you more for the water heater than they paid for it which is the profit to keep the business running.

Just as they make a profit on the water heater they also added profit to what they pay the installer and the delivery drivers. You can hire your own installer and pick up the water heater yourself and save the mark up but you would also have to spend the time to find an installer rather than getting everything arranged in one place.