Longview, Texas


My mother69) and grandmother(96) were scammed by Lowes Longview Tx window dept/installers.

They installed 13 windows in there 1958 house, and over half the windows only one lock locks. All are off center and sag on one side.

Every window frame has scratches and looks like the came from Walmarts clearence dept.

Windows were suppose to open in so you can clean them. But the Idiots at lowes only measured from the outside. SO they didnt notice we have would trim around the inside windows frames. So the windows wont open in.

We have been trying to get lowes to fix the problem since jan 4 2013. Its now been 3 months and they just LIE about calling us back. LIE about will get this fixed!

4,470.35 for 13 windows that dont function properly.

So time for an attorney and file complaints with the city and BBB.


Installer was an ***!

Monetary Loss: $4470.

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It always amazes me how people blame everyone else for everything. There would have been a contract signed before this job was done.

Did anyone read it? Ask any questions? Have the salesman go over the specs thoroughly before plunking down their money? I have had numerous installations done by lowes and the salesmen have always taken the time to explain exactly what I was getting and answered any questions before I signed a contract.

I am an older woman and not construction savvy. Did they take the time to inspect the product before they installed it? Refuse any that were damaged?

If they did all of the above and explain it better than you did in your letter above, I'm sure lowes will take care of you. If you didn't, the problems belong to you.


Hmmmm based on your grammer WOULD i believe is spelled Wood. I may tend to think half the problem is you .


WOW, so you're the spell police....good for you.


More of the same old BS! Complete failure on Lowes for customer service! What a joke! They really dont care. They got our money and now its will look into it or we will call ya back and we hear nothing.

This is the worst experience i have ever had with a retail chain.

:eek :upset :cry :(


Actually - comment #1 - the Andersen E-Series (Eagle) double-hung windows come standard with 2-locks on each window.


The size of the window will determine how many locks the window has. Smaller windows will have one and your larger windows have two. Look at other brands and you will find them to be the same.


Finally got contacted by Lowes Corp Yesterday 3/12/2013.

Claim to have a Dist Mgr looking into issues and will contact us in 24 hours.

Install was done poorly. :cry

Installer should have noticed on the first window that the windows wouldnt work. :roll

Instead waited till the last window to point out they couldnt be opened in to clean. :?

The pellas windows are cheaply made. Not very impressive, compared to the sample at Lowes. :upset


I recently bought a Pella Window from Lowe's. It was a double pane remodel window.

I installed it myself with my wife's help. It took us the better part of 6 hours but we took our time to make sure it was done right. The window works great. After several weeks it's still tight and level as it was when we stalled it.

The windows do scratch easily. Sounds like to me your problem is with the installation not with the window itself.