Greeley, Colorado
Customer service

I just bought another 10 forty lbs. bags of wood pellets and employees were around when I loaded them on a cart and checked out and did not offer any help.

I am 82 years old and only once in a while when buying heavy items at Lowes does an employee either help or find help. I can do it, however do have to stop and rest.

From now on I am going to Home Depot as they always help. I had to look and look to find a flat bed cart to load them on as they do not even keeps carts in the same area or the part of the store where the wood pellets are located.

Lowes wood pellets have always been of good quality, my complaint is about the service.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Lowes Pros: Product was fine.

Lowes Cons: Service.

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They are a self service warehouse retailer. Why would you expect them to help you load everything, regardless of your age.

At 82 years old I am sure you remember the locally owned businesses that WOULD help you load and expected to load. Unfortunately, in the consumers quest for low prices and nothing but low prices, they have all been driven to extinction.

Take another look in the phone book and see if there is still any place locally owned and go there. You may have to pay a little bit more but I'm am sure they would be more than happy to load it for you.


My anonymous, this is ridiculous they can still help a person out with their purchases. There is no excuse for lazy, period!

if they are being paid to stand around and watch an 82 year old person load bags into their car they can help. The problem is employees at the greeley store thinks its ok to accept pay for standing around.