Bristol, Virginia

On the Lowes Website, the Bristol Lowes has the James Hardee Cedarmill Lap Siding, Item # 26892 for $1.83. I wanted to buy 138 pieces, however the Bristol store only have four pieces and refuse to sell anymore than four pieces at the sale price.

They have more of the same identical item in stock, but they refuse to sell it to me at that price. The sale ad did not say that this item is discontinued, or limited quantity. I contacted the Corp office and they basically told me that they did not have to honor their ads. Now they have replaced that ad.

It is identical ad except now the board is on sale until July 15th, 2014. Why are they advertising and extending the sale date for a product they refuse to sale?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Website.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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There could have been many different reasons why they didn't sell you more of the same item # more then likely it was going nonstocked ,probably had some type of clearance tag. The fact that they didn't sell you the other item that was similar , was probably due to the fact that the price would had put them under cost meaning you would have got the product cheaper then them.


In the ad it also says "We reserve the right to correct any error and/or limit quantities sold."