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I went to LOWES in April14 to visit door department and if good, placed an order for that. I gave them my measurement and required photos and they gave me estimate price of 900$, it was not bad; so asked them to go a head with that.

They charged me 40$ to do the measurement. Firstly, it took more than two weeks to come for measurement, then they gave me a quote of 1500$ for the same request and even I received the final quote after 5 days . My measurement and theirs was exactly the same, but the price was doubled of their primary estimate.

I believe this is their trick to attract you first, then charge you 40$ and kill your time and finally forced you to continue with them. I DO NOT TRUST THEM ANY MORE AND RECOMMEND NOT TO DO ANY PROJECT WITH THEM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Estimate.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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You have it all wrong, originally it was on sale. After two weeks and five more days it was back to regular price, that's why the price jumped.

Happens all the time at my store. Customers are just not very bright and do not understand how sale prices work.


Still a scam if you ask me. He agreed to the quoted price. If was on sale Lowes should honor the price, not his fault it took so long to get out and measure the windows.

Bear USAF Retired

Mr SharkNasty... I'm glad you are such a "know-it-all"!!!

How do you know the item was on sale??? See I had the same scam attempted to be run on me. The installer added a bunch of material after he came to measure and of course labor to install that material, to a job installing some doors.

The material was never used nor installed and only after bringing the store manager and installer to my house together and having them remove some trim, was I able to show the Lowes people that the material was NOT installed.... This scam is seems to be derived by the store and made to benifit both the installer and Lowes store since there is added cost for material that is not used and cost for labor not performed.

Based on my previous experience with Lowes installers I will never have anything else installed by Lowes or their installers!!!!