Adamstown, Maryland

the worst paint i have ever used. i am an experienced painter.

semi=gloss left brush strokes. matte left an uneven finish when rolled. will ge to home depot or sherwin williams, etc...behr at home depot is a much, much better paint. how do you repair a bothced paint job??

you can't except do it over. lowe's should be ashamed of themselves for offering such a shoddy product!

lowe's has lost my business as a result of this. finally i added water to the semi-gloss to see if it will decrease the viscosity so evry single brush stroke won't show

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Using Valspar for 15 years and no issues, try it again, every paint is different. Doesn't mean it isn't good.


I bought Valspar ultra premium exterior paint in 5 gallon buckets at Lowes in Sept. 2010.

The color is Stone Manor. I replaced exterior siding on the front of my home and painted. In the spring of 2011 I replaced siding on the rear of my home and bought more Valspar Stone Manor from Lowes and found that the formula has changed. The color does not match.

Having the formula from 2010 is useless since paint mixed at Lowes is controlled by computer. I can't get an explanation why this change was made

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