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Thought I'd write a check for lawn equipment, (electric edger and trimmer). Decided to purchase gas equipment two days later instead, with my VISA after being informed that Lowes WILL NOT RETURN CASH for my check purchase until 14 days to insure check will clear.

My check DID clear TWO days after purchase and "corporate policy" will not allow a cash refund for checks until the magical 14 days.

SO, use a credit card for ALL Lowes purchases and then transfer money to the card. This will "nail" the SOB's 5% for what VISA charges for the transaction and any refunds will be without problem.

By the way, if any of you readers have had similar problems with having to wait 14 days for a cash refund for a check, just use the FU-k out of whatever you buy and return after 80 days. (Policy states you have 90 days to return an unsatisfactory purchase. (verify to be certain).

Maybe after they have a *** load of used, returned stuff they may get the hint and start treating their customers with a bit of respect. LOWES be DAMNED....

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

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A merchant account shows if there are funds to cover a transaction but love the banter!!! Its how some learn


Obviously you are living under a rock. This has been the same for nearly 50 years.

You must be under 30 and have not had any life experiences. Welcome to the world!


Well Lowe's paid for our flooring! The idiots NEVER deducted $294 from our account after using a VISA check card.

This has been outstanding for 3 years now. We ended up crediting it back into our acct. That is not the first time this has happened either. It has happened about 4 times over the last couple years.

To all the people unhappy with Lowe's, don't worry, it wont be long before they are out of business altogether with accounting like they have!

UNprofessional. I don't know what their accounting dept is doing.

Thanks Lowe's for all the freebees! Like $300 worth!

Losers! Thanks for screwing up MY accounting!


Your an ***,,read the damned policy before you write a check ANYWHERE!! Your fault if you do not know the parameters.

And also FYI,,do that whole use and return thing,,only makes EVERYONE PAY MORE!!!!

They get their money back by raising prices,,just go elsewhere! Duh!whnaxiy


FYI, Home Depot has the same policy. Most retailers do...refer all explanations below.

As for most of you statements in your last paragraph...you should be ashamed of yourself for telling other people to basically rape Lowes and their vendors by using then returning. I'm sure Lowes will be perfectly fine if you no longer shop there...because someone just got pissed off at Home Depot or another home improvement store and now they will say they will only shop at Lowes.

Your complaint was a waste of time. :sigh


If her complaint was a waste of time,why did you respond??? Lol


Seems like a personal problem. Most places wont even give a cash refund unless you...get this...spend CASH


I have a great idea.Do not shop at LOWES PERIOD and THIS WILL SOLVE EVERYONE'S PROBLEM.IF you are having a problem with LOWES.WHY?SHOP WITH LOWES.DUH.


3 days after you write a check we will give u your cash. And the policy on ALL the stuff this guy purchased is actually 30 days. Listen to people like him and you only screw yourself.


;) Ya and I say never pay cash! I do not hoard paper and discovered items sealed that I tried to return!

Never Opened!

Store credit! Home Depot is better!!!


Is it so hard to get a Debit Card and save the time of all the people waiting in line behind you, waiting for you to write your antiquated hand-written check? Get with it man. You are the one being inconsiderate!


God I'm soo sick of customers like you, it's not burger king you can't have it your way you little twit. Our systems literally won't allow us to give you money until it shows in our systems that your check is cleared, there is no magical way to change that, it states the policy clearly on your receipt, why don't you try being an adult and not a whiny little toddler!! :cry


I will refuse to shop at Lowes because you work there & talk to the people who pay your bills like they are ***. Without customers, there is no Lowe’s it job for you.


Can you say "I'm a big baby"? Just don't write a check. If everyone used a credit card, Lowe's would save a lot of money because the costs of bad checks far exceed the 5% charge by Visa.


That i true but the idiots at Lowe's prefer a personal check. I attempted to pay my charge off with a cashiers check form my credit union and they refused ot accept it - instead they said they prefer a personal check - now that is the dumbest logic I ever heard. So if Lowe;s goes under its because they accept personal checks that might bounce over a cashiers check that has been paid for.


That's really strange. Sounds like you're dealing with the Government.


This is a common retail practice. The problem is that checks are an antiquated form of payment.

The retail store has no way of verifying that your check has cleared. They don't get a call from the bank saying that it has gone through. The retail store sends the check off to the bank for deposit and it can take a week or more for the bank to notify the store that the account had insufficient funds. Don't blame Lowe's.

If you want cash back for your purchase then pay cash for it in the first place. You could have gotten a store credit to buy your new item with instead of using your Visa card. And, I hate to tell you this, but Lowe's gets credit on most of the items that you return from the manufacturer.

So purchasing items and then returning them isn't hurting Lowe's. It's hurting the manufacturers of those products.


How can you be so ridiculous? It states on the bottom of the receipt that you need to wait 14 days, and big freakin whoop that it hit your account in 2 days, checks come back even 6 weeks later for ISF. You do the job of people in retail dealing with *******s like you day in and day out you selfish ***


Who really writes checks anymore *** obviously you get a debit card from the bank... unless you were writing a check before there was any money in your account...

thats why Lowes and most stores make you wait 15 business days. they dont want to be scammed by someone


I agree with most of the statements here. As a company there is no way to know if the check cleared the bank.

If the store does not receive the check back after 2 weeks chances are that it cleared. When I owned a retail store my policy was the same because of all the check fraud that goes on. You could write a check today return the stuff tomorrow and get away with hitting that store twice. Once for the check and now you have the cash on top of that.

I am sure there are many many stores that do this too.

If you use a visa it is much faster and you can get your money back if you return stuff right away. Have a great day!!!