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Every time I go into Lowes...I'm stopped at least 5 times by someone asking if I need help. This is EXTREMELY annoying and completely unproductive. If I need help I'll ask someone. If I don't need help all your doing is wasting my time. I can understand if I'm standing around and looking confused..but just walking (rather briskly) knowing exactly where I'm going and what I'm looking...why do the employees have to ask if I need help.

And then there are the times where I am looking for something..and then I have a question about a particular product and there's no employee to be found....their spending too much time asking people (who don't need help) if they need any help.

For those of us with an IQ over 90...we know it's just a PR to make the dumb and dumber "THINK" this is customer service when in actuality it's just total PR...and has NOTHING to do what-so-ever with customer service.

Why don't you actually spend some time and money on training the employees at Lowe's on actual customer service..and NOT this PR ***.

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And again, Dr. *** if you have such a high and respectable IQ, at least utilize the proper use of "there, their, and they're". Now kindly go and fist your own *** hole until it bleeds.


wow, the original poster is a loser. so you get mad that they ask you for help but then get mad that they aren't there the exact moment when you do need help?

my advice? take some anger management classes and when you need help, go find an employee or tell them right away that you need help because I'm sure you're one of those *** that doesn't even know the difference between a flathead and phillips screwdriver.

and fyi, it's the employees job to ask if you need help. it's not like they know that another employee already asked if you needed help.


Where is the "like" button for these comments, I work at Lowes as well, We will get in trouble if we do Not greet every customer we see. This is Corporates way of providing Customer Service.... which could go either way with people like you who can't appreciate that there are actually people that are willing to assist you.


I work at lowes and they make us ask every customer we see if they are finding everything ok if we don't we can lose are job :sigh


Well I,ve told our store manager that I,m gonna be taken out in handcuffs some day, So be careful who you cop your sour attitude to. I will usually walk away and ignore you but I will stand up to your attitude if I feel like it, could get ugly. this job doesnt mean that much to me.


And another thing, what if I (as a consumer) came to your place of work and was a royal *** to you, whether I need help or not? I don't know what you do, but that doesn't condone your attitude or demeanor.

Remember, yeah it's retail, but it is a place of work for people.

Put yourself in that situation. Retail people are still people working as you do every day...


I am a LOWES sales specialist, We are not forced to talk to customers, however, it makes common sense to acknwledge your customers and make sure that they dont have questions or are looking for something, so we aknowledge them, make sense to me. Its pretty simple, and its good customer service wether you like it or not.

I have noticed alot of companies have adopted LOWES customer service practices. and yes I am proud of that, doesnt mean I like working here though.


We can't read your mind. Just plainly say: "no, I'm fine.

thanks." like a normal person and keep on your merry way, and if you need help, then fricken ask. That simple. And no, it's not a PR thing, it's simple customer service. We can, if you really want, just walk around and BS with eachother and hardly acknowledge your existence, but no, we are trained to smile and greet you and ask if you need help.

If that's an issue, then you sir, should not be allowed in public.

Now, is there anything I can help you with? :)


It is not the employee's fault that they are forced to practice absurd customer service ideas that corporate has put into policy. Every place you go to is like that.

Kohls makes their cashiers ask if your purchase is on their charge card and try to get you to sign up.

Lowes makes its associates ask everyone they see if they need help; and makes their cashiers ask if you have a MyLowes card or if you want to sign up for one.

Blame the people in charge who apparently are never actual customers in their own stores, else they would realize how annoying and fruitless these practices are to both their employees and customers.


We are required to speak to every customer we come in contact with. None of us want to go around like a robot asking "what project are you working on?" Unfortunately, we will get counted off in our mystery shops if we do speak to everyone.

It's just as annoying to us as it is to you. I can see how this along with the 5 to 10 questions the cashier is forced to ask you can be irritating.

We should have better training and we should still be friendly and helpful, but not to the extent that we are forced to do. We don't make the policies though.


A lot of stores have "secret shoppers" who come through and grade employees on various things. If an employee does not greet you right away and as if they can be of assistance, they get docked down many, many points.

These people are doing their job. I bet if they didn't ask if you need help you would be on here complaining that they have "the worst customer service, no one ever helps, blah blah blah."

Are you seriously complaining that they are being helpful?


I work at Lowe's, and our management forces us to ask every single customer that comes in the door if they need help or at lease communicate with the customer - don't blame us - we could lose our job if we didn't ask


This is common nowdays because of the government's increasing the minimum wage and resultant company cutbacks in labour force because of it. Blame your tyrannical government---both state and federal. And, I would rather be asked if I needed help than to wander thru Menard's looking, but not finding anyone to assist me.


Would rather they not ask you for help at all? If they did that then you'd complain that they didn't offer you any help. Some @ssholes are just that ignorant @ssholes who are never satisfied.