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To all consumers whom have been ripped off by Lowes or any store, start using your, "Cell Phone" camera/video recorder to record your rebates in the store while the rebate tag or price is still on the shelf, before you make that purchase!! Get in the habit of snapping a picture or video recording of the sell price, the rebate special, the sell ending dates, you picking the item to be purchased and any other picture or video that may help you, if you find you are in a "Ripped off Situation"!!

Use that cell phone for more than just a call!! Your future attorney may need that sort of documentation to prove your case.

Make sure you record it with that day's date on it, because we all know when stores are headed for trouble, all proof in the stores disappear!! And they will deny, deny, deny.

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Good advise FYI lowes-lawsuits(dot)com

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