Indianapolis, Indiana
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I live in Indianapolis and shop at the store on 10th street about two to three times a week. With the spring like weather upon us I decided to start my outdoor projects.

I have had good experiences in the past with the millwork and plumbing staff so I expected the garden staff to do the same. The problem was that there was NO staff. I had to go into the plumbing department to seek out a red vest. Luckily the same guy who helped with my bathroom project was there and remembered me and apologized for my frustration.

I almost went elsewhere. How can you run a business and not have employees to help customers? There had to easily be 25 or 30 customers in the outside area and only a cashier in sight. I do not plan on continuing my project with Lowes this summer.

Home Depot is just as far and I can spot orange aprons from the parking lot.

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Been on the hold for 15 minutes to ask if they have inner tubes for lawn mower tires. I've only talked to the same young lady at the front desk.

I'm picturing a giant empty box with one person working there. About to hang up and call home depot.


I work for Lowe's.IF YOU shop that offten AND are a contractor get An AR acct, call ahead to the contractor DESK, and it will be pulled and waiting for you


I do work for Lowes now and I see the store understaffed. BUT, this is a fact of American business.

Before I worked in retail I saw the same thing in manufacturing. Slash staff to the bone and work the longer and harder.

Our business culture is to blame. Cut costs to maximize profits


Who said anything about plants? You did........because you obviously didn't read correctly so let me clarify.

I am a contractor and have been for about 15 years (Remember when you assumed I wasn't?). I was also trying to buy a skid of block to install a new driveway and the selling shelf was empty. (Probably because there was no staff........see original entry)There was however plenty in topstock for which I needed assistance.

It's obvious to me that you know everything but let me humbly offer you some advice. Read carefully from now on and base your replies on what is written.


Customer: Hello will this plant fit in my front yard?

Lowes: Yeah

Customer: Ok good, I don't want to buy one that wouldn't fit.

Come on, do you really expect a bunch of employees to hold your hand while you buy plants?

It's not like asking an employee to assist you finding the right parts for your toilets.

I don't believe you about the 2-3 times a week, people who shop with that kind of volume (contractors) never really seek out assistance.

If you want someone to hold your hand while buying plants, go to a nursery.


Not only are they understaffing, so store managers and above can drive their new bass boats and gas guzzling, i really have no use for it, it just looks cool, trucks, but the introduction of call buttons has put a new strain on the overworked employees. When i WAS a department manager( I STEPPED DOWN) i was written up for call buttons not being answered within 45 seconds( on my day off).

So Lowes is now understaffing and blaming the employees for not having enough help. (Call buttons are those automatic buttons that go off over the PA system, do not go off until another button is pushed , but also are recorded at the lowes headquarters)


I worked at Lowe's in 1992 to 1995 when Lowe's was still a family (mom and pop) type of place to shop. This was my first "real" job in life and I'll always remember it as one of the greatest places I've ever worked... until it changed hands and went super corporate.

It seemed like over night we had all new employees, three times the bosses and four times the upset customers. So I quit. I was in Lowe's recently and had the same experience, I went up front to ask for help, they called someone... waited on the isle, finally went to the paint department, they called someone... I waited there for him to show.

I must admit, I'm extremely patient and the gent that helped me was very nice, but I think they just understaff these days. Is a shame.

:sigh I miss the home type feel in "Home Improvement" :sigh