Lee's Summit, Missouri
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Materials purchased for kitchen counter and had installed by Lowes. Within a few weeks the glue on the seams gave way and the seams opened up.

I called and the installer came to look at it. He said he told me the seams could not get wet. Lie #1. The woman who sold it also never mentioned that the seams could not get wet.

It is a kitchen counter and both knew seams were within inches of sink. Lie #2 by installer was that seams opened because of "standing water." Does not happen in my kitchen! Home Depot and another seller and installer of same product guarantee that seams will not open if properly measured, installed, glued and sealed.

Workmanship was poor and installer tried to lie his way out of being responsible. Multiple phone calls were made, but not returned.

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Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #181936

The person who designed the countertop with seams within a few inches of the sink is at fault. Seams should always be kept away from the sink to avoid the problems you are having. Blame your designer, not the installer, he could only work with the material he was given.

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