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I had this credit card since 2008, never missed a payment. I had a $50 balance.

Usually when the account is getting to a close for the month, they call to get payment from you if you haven’t paid it. I never got an email or an account notification either. When I received the mail statement, I called right away and asked if the $38 late fee could be waived, they said no. I was reminded that I did have a late payment 9 months ago.

I paid the $50 balance plus $38 fee and I closed the account.

What really made me upset, they NEVER once asked if they could see if they could keep me as a customer. Home Depot, most banks and other large finacial companies are able to work with you when you’ve been a loyal customer for 10 years who’s made every payment, and they care about YOUR BUSINESS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They are terrible credit card company to deal with not worth it.

to Anonymous #1525860

Lowe's is NOT a credit card company! And, yeah, when you don't pay your bills, CC companies can be not very nice.

ANY creditor can.I'm a business owner and when my clients don't pay, you better believe I may not be "very nice" when I have to ask for money that is OWED me.And NO store CC is worth it. Get a VISA or MC if you want to pay with credit.


It's not their obligation to remind you ; but it is your obligation to pay.You knew perfectly well that you had a credit card and should have been aware of any outstanding balance.It is juvenile and irresponsible to state : "I never got an email or an account notification" as an excuse for nonpayment.The only thing you did right was to close the account ; store charge accounts are unnecessary, expensive, and, as you have seen, burdensome.

to William #1443923

The reason store accounts are expensive is because they give accounts to deadbeats that don’t pay their bills on time or pay them at all. It drives up the cost of doing business for the credit companies that issue the cards. The only way they have to make up the losses is to charge an outragious interest rate.


Had credit with Lowes for 20 years. Never missed a payment.

I asked them to raise my credit. Instead, they checked my credit score and lowered my credit. Now I can not even buy a cheap refrigerator.

What gives is that even fair? Does not pay to be a faithful customer.

to Heather #1443259

No you haven't. Lowe's doesn't issue credit.

Lowe's is not a bank. You have a credit card through a bank that issues a card with a Lowe's logo on it.

That's your own fault. Only a moron opens a credit card that can only be used at a single retail establishment.

to SDGNJdfg #1443733

Better advice I could not give than what you stated "Only a moron opens a credit card that can only be used at a single retail establishment."Rinse, repeat ...

to Heather #1443571

Of course they are going to check your credit score before they increase your limit. My guess is that you owe a lot more now than you did 20 years ago in comparison to your income.

You may have missed or been late in payments to creditors as well. I'm retired and don't have near the income I did when I was working.

I would expect if I asked for a credit increase they would probably reduce my limit as well. Thank goodness I don't rely on credit anymore.


Wonder why Lowe’s can’t keep up with Home Depot...customer service perhaps??


Your credit account is not with Lowes, it is with an independent credit company. Why should they have to hound you to make your payments on time?

When you applied for the account you agreed to make payments in a timely manner and were informed you would be charged a seat fee if you didn't. They held up their end of the agreement when they granted you the credit to make your purchase. Why don't you feel you have to hold up your end of the agreement?

You are the only one to blame for not making your payment on time. If you can't take responsibility for your own actions you shouldn't be applying for credit accounts.

to Anonymous #1443381

You don't own your own business, obviously. You punch a clock somewhere making $15/hr.

You have no idea what is involved in managing projects, employees, payroll and beyond all at the same time, whereby you miss one of maybe 50 or so monthly invoices. I spend 10s of thousands each year at Lowe's. I don't think the $38 late fee and loosing me as a customer was a good risk/reward prop. for them.

If you ever figure out how to be your own boss some day, you'll get an idea. In the meantime, get back to work you silly little hourly employee.

to Anonymous #1443526

If you make so much, send so much and are so busy maybe you should hire someone for $15/hr to keep track of your bill and pay them on time you pompous {{Redacted}}.

to Anonymous #1443574

I was paying someone $25/hr and they dropped the ball actually. Hard to find good help. Also, who the f*#% are you??

to Anonymous #1443663

Wow, you sound like a real {{Redacted}}. The creditor shouldn't have to call you to pay your bill.

to Bookcrazy #1443831

Don't you think this guy would be better off spending his time paying his bills rather than posting on complaint sites about his incompetence?

to Anonymous #1443988

You are correct. I do not own my own business.

I retired early from a career of retail management working for someone else where I managed a store with annual sales in excess of $50 million. Yes I punched a clock and my hourly pay was less that $15/hour. That involved managing 200 plus employees, making sure inventory levels were proper, the product was properly displayed and priced, working with delivery services etc.etc, but most of all meeting sales goals by providing proper customer service. I had someone processing over 50 invoices a day but I had to sign each and every one before they were sent to the corporate office for payment.

They were all processed within 24 hours of being received as we earned a discount for early payment.

If they weren't approved for payment a letter was sent to the vendor explaining why it wasn't being processed. Since I had a rather low hourly pay but still managed to earn a six figure income through bonuses based on keeping my payroll in line, inventory at proper levels, exceeding sales goals and a percentage of the bottom line profits I probably do have an idea of what it takes to run a business.


OP:Your complaint is with the independent creditor Lowe's does business with, Not with Lowe's.

to Anonymous #1443217

Yes, it is with an independent credit company but they represent Lowes. All payments were made on time.

to anonymous #1443528

Your complaint mentions 2 late payments, how could all payments be made on time?

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