Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

My husband works at Lowe's in Lawton, OK, and from what I have seen and heard, their management does not follow their own policy! Anytime anyone calls in, they require a doctor's note, though their employee handbook states that you do not have to provide one unless you are gone at least 3 consecutive days!

If you DON'T provide a doctor's not for even 1 absence, you don't get paid for that day, even though you accrue sick leave! Their management is ridiculous. They don't know the bereavement policy, vacation policy, or anything! The manager position is always changing, and this issue has never been solved!

And if you ask for a copy of the policy, they don't know where to look! It's an EEOC complaint waiting to happen!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Lowe's Policy is available to all Lowes associates via Lowes net, actually can be found under HR department in the drop down menu.


I believe this. It's similar at my Big Box Store.

Their are policy's in place, but management choose to ignore based on if they like you or not. 2 years ago they changed it so you had to have a doctor note and if you didn't call you would receive 5 points. If you obtained 10 points in 90 days you would be fired. We had a guy obtain 10 points and they just ignored.

It totally compromises the system. If one person needs a doctor note everyone does...

This is just one policy of many they don't follow.


That is the problem with Lowes. Rules vary from store to store.

Nothing concrete, just up in the air. Asking for doctor's note for one employee and not another is discrimi nation.

@Been there

Not exactly.


My husband also works for Lowes, and you can get the policy on the Lowes website. Every policy can be tweaked by the manager.

If the sick leave has been abused, then the manager can require a doctors note. Some do, some don't.