Statesville, North Carolina
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Have been renovating my home for the last month and I've frequently have been using Lowes!!! The PROBLEM I have is that Lowes has became a Pet store over night and I don't care for dogs, honestly I'm Terrfied for my life but manly my son, who is highly allergic to dog, cat, etc.

Not sure why Lowes has allowed dogs to come in and stroll the store like they can make a purchase!!! Dogs don't belong in a grocery store, place of employment or LoWes...Pet Smart, okay, the park on a leash okay but Lowes is a NO!!!

Reason of review: Damn DOGS in the store.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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The employees don't want them either. They *** everywhere and have fleas.

Owners don't care. Owners don't clean up after them either. There is going to be a couple posts from owners who say "I clean up after fluffy fluffy fluffy all the time" They lie.

They look directly at the staff and say my fluffy didn't do that. *** you.


If the biggest thing that you have to worry about is people bringing dogs into stores, then you truly are blessed.


Blessed is not having dogs in stores


Today I encountered a smelly boxer at the exchange counter. The owner was "trying" to make him sit with poor results and actually made the comment that the dog was stronger than he was.

All of a sudden the dog started snarling at a well-behaved therapy dog as it came in and tried to get free from the owner. I AM NOT AN ANIMAL HATER!! However I do not want to see dogs sniffing around and going through any store unless it is a well-trained true therapy animal such as a dog assisting the blind/hearing impaired/diagnosed PTSD. Others can be left in your car or at home.

Animals have an odor to others whether the owner wants to admit it or not. Also many have a real fear of dogs especially no matter how old they are and often are unable to move away because of health conditions (I fit that category).


leave your damn dog home


We’re all entitled to our own opinions.Mine include that Kids don’t belong in a hardware store. Also, people with allergies don’t belong in our society. Darwin much?


*** bag


I do not push my dogs on anyone. I enjoyvgaving them with.

Today with my great danes, i came upon a woman like you. Horrid people you are. My dogs do not bother anyone. They are clean and well behavd and i have them very close to me.

If i notice a scared or irritated person i duck out and wait til they are gone to browse. You should be ashamed.


Update to Lowe's corporate policy!! After I wrote Lowe's many letters begging them to change their policy (and I'm sure others have done also) our voice was heard.

Lowe's now officially allows leashed friendly dogs in all of their store!! Their website is currently being updated to reflect this great news!! If now only they would ban whiny animal haters from coming in their store and ruining it for the rest of us good people.

If anyone passes a dog in a store and their reaction isn't a smile then they pretty much have no soul. Cheers!!!


I have a letter from Lowe's customer care proving this FACT. God bless America!


good luck with your therapy


Really? I have no soul because I don't like being barked at by dogs while I'm shopping for building supplies?

I have no soul because I don't like being sniffed by an animal while I'm reading the label on a product I'm interested in buying? I have no soul because I don't like walking down the aisle and finding myself between two dogs that decide to snap and snarl at each other? And... to top it off....

I have no soul because I don't like having to step around dog *** on the floor at the check-out stands, only to have the customer behind me step in it? Leave your damned dogs at home!


These days most places that don't sell food are dog friendly. Every dog in a store I have come across is very well behaved and the owner has complete control every time.

Thats better than some parents with their kids. Plus im sure the dog is cleaner than most kids who come in that store.


Did this dog approach you in a menacing manner? What did this dog do to terrify you for your life?

If the dog had actually approached you aggressively, I expect you would have contacted the store management and the police and filed a civil complaint. I bet you just need to grow a pair.

Many dogs act better than some of the customers walking around stores now days. I'd rather have my son see someones pet than hear the language some people use in public.


boo hoo hoo get over it. much rather see a nice dog than a whiny customer that complains all the time in the store


Leave your damned dog at home!


Folks that bring their dogs into stores tend to have a lot better control of their dogs than most people that bring their kids into stores. I'd much rather shop in a store with a well behaved dog than a kid running all over the place.


You obviously don't work in those stores. Adults and children are scared of dogs. Just because you let your dog lick it's *** and kiss your lips doesn't mean everyone feels the same.