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Lowes, Corpus Christi, dogs...terriers, mutts, mongers, pure bred...shoppers with dogs, all on leashes, wandering amongst other shoppers. "Other shoppers" carrying/carting paint, lumber, conduit plants...dogs running across aisles, excited, stringing six feet of "leash" across the aisle...the walkway.

Seems that if this very busy, quite congested, building supply store is going to allow dogs, at least require them to be "in the shopping cart". Dragging a leash around a busy aisle of foot-traffic is asking for an accident to happen. A VERY serious accident.

My shopping excursion of March 26,2016, witnessed seven dogs...again, all on leashes...other patrons gathering around ooh and aah...more aisle congestion. Gentleman with two pails of paint...impatient to get out of the store traffic is tripped up by the leash of a dog...attached to the owner's cart. BOOM! Down on his knees. Glasses sliding down the aisle, with paint buckets.

Dog owner is out-the-door with poochie.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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No, dogs do not belong in stores for a multitude of reasons and I'm a dog owner.

Whether there are poorly behaved kids running around is a separate topic and has nothing to do with people dragging animals around stores. Disgusting!


How is a dog more disgusting than a sticky fingered screaming kid?


It's not more disgusting. That's not what I said.

My point is that 'out of control kids' is a separate topic and shouldn't be part of a discussion about dogs.

People who don't/can't/won't control their kids are disgusting too.

Neither one should be in a public store.


Lowes is afraid to say no to anyone but the employees.The garbage people return after two years in the yard.The shoplifting,no staffing.Customers scream at you while the Managers hide.It is not the overpaid *** in North Carolina the blame is on you.


3 cheers for a store that allows dogs to shop with their owners. As for the impatient shopper with the paint, he should watch where he is going.

He could have easily killed someone's toddler shopping with its parents.

Dogs in stores tend to be better controlled than a lot of kids and as you pointed out with 6 feet of their owner. Kids can get a lot farther than 6 feet from their parents as they run up and down the aisles.