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We bough side by side Samsung refrigerator model RH29H9000SR in April 2016 it's broken - keep making noise and fridge is not cold. We also bought a 5-year extended warranty. The fridge has not been cold and temperature keeps going up. Finally we called Lowe's on SATURDAY OCT 22ND, 2016. Initially they scheduled to have a tech to come on TUE OCT 25TH. Shortly after we hang up around an hour, LOWE'S REP called me back to apologize that they were wrong for putting this date that we need to have a re-scheduled an apt on FRI 28TH. We were looking forward to this date that today FRI the 28TH a vendor they hired to fix our fridge was cancelling our apt with reason of the part has not arrived. BUMMERRR!!! WE HAVE A TODDLER THAT HAS BEEN DRINKING MILK FOR THE WHOLE 8 DAYS!!!!

I called Lowe's back and expressing my disappointment and I really need the fridge fixed TODAY, HOWEVER, they could not make this happened!!! We have to live another day without any fridge. Hopefully, the tech will come by tomorrow SAT 29TH as they promised and BRING THAT PART THAT THEY CLAIMED HAS YET TO ARRIVE.


I have requested a loaner if my SAMSUNG fridge is not up and running by tomorrow. However, they CAN'T GUARANTEE IT.

I cannot live another day without a fridge.

I do hope that Lowe's and the vendor will not take the time when fridge is broken. This appliance is very crucial. Unlike living without any stove/oven.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Refrigerator Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Marlton, New Jersey, United States #1277361

We had similar problem with a dishwasher we bought from Lowes. We did buy the extended warranty but the company contracted for warranty repairs ordered the part the day before the scheduled service date.

They called and cancelled the repair date saying the part was not in. OF course it is not in. Why would you expect it to be delivered the next day? They had 3 days to order it when I scheduled the initial appt.

The local mgr from Lowe's has been working on our behalf but even HE can't get resolution. I get the corporate runaround from Customer Care, Service Dept., Repair company. We can't even get the status of the part they ordered.

Just says it hasn't shipped yet–after being ordered 2 weeks ago. Will never buy an extended warranty from Lowe's again.


What's wrong with a toddler drinking milk? Most do.

Why would you want a repair person to show up for an appointment if he doesn't have the part needed to fix the refrigerator? You are aware that neither Lowes nor the repair shop makes the parts aren't you? They are waiting for the part to come from Samsung.

It seems like your frustration should be with the manufacturer (who is actually responsible for the first year of the warranty) rather than the retailer. You have to hope they have the part you need in a US warehouse, if not it will have to come from Korea and who knows how long that may take.

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