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Ordered a fridge at Lowe's, come delivery time, i realized i never got the night before call (this is out of Epping, N.H.). So first thing i do is call the store, who in turn call delivery company who tells them delivery will be between 2 and 4.

At 4:36 i call the store only to hear the drivers claimed there was a note on the ticket stating i no longer lived there and were long gone. As though i would go to a store, buy something for over $800+, and tell them to deliver it to the wrong address. Needless to say, i never got it. What i'm told by, not one, but two, assistant managers, they would give me the number of the delivery company, so i could get it straightened out, I blew a stack!

WHAT? I didn't hire the delivery company, they did. I call corporate, who assures me this will get taken care of, will be elevated to upper management to which i said, "Nothing says i don't give a rat's behind, like 3rd party delivery companies." After a week of phone calls, i finally get it on the following Friday. These guys walk in, put it in place, put the doors on, and are going to walk out until one of them says, we have to hook up the water line.

They did, and while he pushes the tab for water, with a 9 inch sticker behind his hand saying they need to bleed the line for 4 minutes, brilliant boy does it for 15 seconds. They never took plastic wrap off, never took any tape off the glass, and never flushed the water line ( I would do that ). I call the store to have them send an employee to tear all the plastic off, i'd already taken the tape off, so i could put food back as it was all melting by this point. When they ask me to sign the paperwork, there was a $20 bill on the clipboard, ironically the exact amount for carry out that a manager was talking about refunding me.

When asked by a Lowe's employee, they said it was a tip from previous customer, they just conveniently left it on the clip board on MY paperwork. What's their solution to this? A $50 gift card from Lowe's!! I lost over $130 in pay missing work, one and half days, and they want to give me $50 for a store, i'm not so inclined to visit any more.

LOL...what a joke. I'm on disability, am 64 yrs old, and they wanted ME to run downstairs to turn the water on. Beware big ticket delivery, you just might get nailed as I did. I called corporate twice, they don't seem to give a rats behind either.

I bought a fridge some 15 years ago from them, as well as a dryer and washer, about 7 years ago, and was thrilled with delivery service. The difference today?

a 3rd party delivery service who doesn't give a hoot about Lowe's customer service, why should they? Lowe's doesn't...

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $130.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Lowes Cons: Delivery service, Customer service, Management, How they have handled this situation.

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About two yrs ag it took a month for EPO----- Lowe's deliver to deliver a door to a property of mine. A year ago it took Lowe's EXPO two weeks to deliver a dishwasher to the same address.

Only because I am and soon not to be a Lowe's employee I am trying to deliver a clothes dryer to the same location. It's been a week and still they cannot get delivery instructions correct sipite having talked with the deliver service, Lowe's corporate sustomer service and the local store. At this point all I can say is that LOWE'S SUCKS.

It's been the same excuse for them each and every time. No longer an employee and free to tell the truth.


If you needed to get the food in the refrigerator why didn't you just take the tape odd and put the shelves in? Not a huge task.

In one sentence you claim to have lost $130 in pay and in the next sentence you are a 64 year old on disability. Sounds like a little more whining than necessary.

to Anonymous #1498330

As a person with back and knee issues (the reason i'm on disability), it takes a while to do those things. Besides, its THEIR JOB!

And yes, i turned down a days pay of time and a half, i work pt....to supplement the crap disability amount i make. But if you think it sounds like whining, i'll look for your glowing review when it happens to you.

And in case you didn't notice, they wanted ME to do their job by calling the delivery company. I never hired a delivery company, THEY did.


I’ve had two similar experiences in the past couple weeks with Lowe’s in Florida. No calls, straight up lied to by Lowe’s employees, no return phone calls on my customer care complaint (although a Lowe’s assistant manager did pencil whip it and close it out without calling me) and delivered a used, unboxed and broken Bosch dishwasher when we purchased new.

I was a delivery manager at a Lowe’s store for years and this is NOT how our deliveries or customer service was handled! Going the more economical route is not the best solution if you want to keep your customer base and grow it. Third party deliveries are just a way for Lowe’s to wash their hands of delivery problems just like Home Depot did years ago.

I won’t set foot in a Lowe’s store ever again due to these awful experiences. Done with them.

to Ben H #1498334

The killer for me was a few weeks later, i noticed the top of the fridge box sitting in brush in the front yard (it had been buried by a couple snow storms)...i couldn't believe these little piglets just tossed it in my yard and left it....


Lowe’s is a big publicly held company. They are far more concerned with their shareholders happiness then the customers. Buy from a mom and pop store if you want good service.


What do you expect when you buy from a big box store. Shop at a local independent appliance store if you want good service.

to Anonymous #1498338

you got that right, and that is what i told them, last time i buy a big ticket item from them. I'd rather pay $50 more and get good to great service

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