Chattanooga, Tennessee
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I ordered for plywood kitchen cabinets from lowe's in September 2010, and they came and installed presswood cabinets in my house, I talked to the manager Jerry of the Lowe's at Hwy.153 Hixson, TN, and they said you signed up on the contract early, which they made me to do so, So you can't neither complain nor go to court because of our policy.

What kind of nasty policy is that, could some one help me with ideas to get my money back.

I will try my best to get my friends, away from lowe's.

Monetary Loss: $4900.

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I talked with the store manager, what he said was you signed on the contract, that is what you ordered, we can not do any thing else.

I contacted with district manager Shawn, he said the same thing too, But now he is offering a 10% back to me with a writen warrenty from the company.


This is an easy fix. Have you spoken with your designer?

What did he/she say? Tell me about your cabinets. Tell me what the hole expierence was like. People make mistakes.

It's no big deal. But this is an easy fix.

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