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This is an unbelievable but true story. In October 2017 my wife and I bought a $300.00 shower door from Lowes. When we read the poor reviews online on the door, the next day we went back to Lowes and upgraded to a more expensive $700.00 door. We paid the $300 installation fee up front.

A month later the installer came to install the door. We saw our new door in its box but parts were missing. Later, the installer returned and to our surprise he installed the first door not the upgraded door. We questioned him about the door but he said he was going to make it work and later we could have it done right. He also said the door we wanted would not work on our shower.

We took pictures and returned to Lowes. The assistant manager and plumbing employee over doors said that we had the $300.00 door hanging on our shower. We asked where was the second door we bought and they couldn't find it. The installer quit!

Next, we ordered another door to replace the missing door. The installer came out to measure the door and said nothing Lowes could order would fit on our shower and he said we should get our money back and buy our door directly from him as he had connections with better manufactures.

We went into Lowes and showed them the door we wanted and said according to Kohler's manufacturing specs the door would fit find on our shower. They agreed to order the door and have the new installer put it on.

I emailed the installer that I wanted to stay with Lowes because of their warranty but they would pay him to install the door. next, he quit!

Lowes asked me if I wanted my money back as they didn't have anyone to install my new door. I asked them what was I to do with the cheap door they had on my shower. The manager said, "Oh, we can't give you your money back we will have to find someone to install the new door and take off the old door.

This is now February, some five months later. Finally, I got tired of waiting on Lowes. I called them and said this: I will hire someone to take off the old door, come pickup the new door, and deliver the old door back to the store. All I want is my $300.00 installation fee returned to me as i have to hire someone to install and take down the old door and go back and forth to Lowes returning and picking up doors.

It took five days for Lowes to finally approve this. They said there would be no warranty on the installation but the door only. I agreed. They said when I went to pickup the door they would have the cash for me at customer service. When I went to customer service they had a gift card for me but no cash. I had to wait for thirty minutes to finally get a manager to give me the cash instead of a gift card.

When my handyman returned the door to Lowes I told him to be sure and get a receipt showing the door had been returned. He called me from the store and said the manager would not give him any type of receipt. Finally, the manager agreed to sign his own business card in case we have further problems. The bottom line is this: If you live in Myrtle Beach, SC you might want to check out Home Depot before going to Lowes. It took my builder four and a half months to build my house. Lowes never could put on a shower door. Larry Vaughn

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Door Installation.

Reason of review: multiple mistakes .

Preferred solution: don't sell what you can't install.

Lowes Pros: Christy in plumbing.

Lowes Cons: Lowes not being able to install what i paid for.

  • Terrible Experience Lowes
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