Okay- bought carpet to be installed from Lowe's.After it took 14 days to get an installer here- they proceeded to GLUE the carpet to our 100 year old PINE hardwood floors (oh did I mention that our property is Historical?)...I walked in with about 3 feet undone and lost my mind.

They admitted that it was an accident. Sent certified letter with a quote for $8000.00 from a contrator quote to repair the damage-no answer from Lowe's. Contacting the Better Business Bureau and also an Attorney tomorrow! WHO glues carpet to PINE FLOORS???

We left the tack strips down and we even DISCUSSED this with the "saleswoman" when she asked "did you tear up the tack strips" to which we answered-"NO- why would we pay for new ones when these are just fine"?


Review about: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $9.


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Waxhaw, North Carolina, United States #831852

I bought carpeting from Lowe's and it is all waving and puckering.

Lowes was contacted time and again and will do ZERO to fix it.

They wrecked the job worse after each "Inspection" and will not fix it.

DO NOT buy carpeting here, they will NOT help you and WILL not fix it.

I promise you.

Thank you.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India #685808

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Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #600593

I wanted to replace the builder's carpet with a better one, and I was attracted by Lowes' recent Stainmaster Deal (free install with Stainmaster carpet and pad purchase). I went to a local Lowes with the builder's floor plan, which had detailed measurement of each room. But Lowes said I must use their measurement, so I paid $39 for the measurement. When the measuring guy was in my house, I asked for a copy of the measurement, but was told that I had to go to the Lowes store to get it. I went to the store yesterday to inquire about the measurement, and was given a copy of the estimate. The estimate only gives one number -- the total square footage. All the costs are based on this number. There are no info showing the dimensions of each room, and possible layout of a 12' wide carpet on each area.

The estimate was significantly more than what I had calculated based on the builder's floor plan and my own measurement (My measurement confirms the numbers on the builder's floor plan).

Upon close inspection of the estimate, I discovered that their total square footage was at least 300 square feet more than the numbers on the builder's floor plan. So I measured the rooms one more time, and the difference is 311 ft^. After factoring in 10% waste, the Lowes' measurement is still 184 ft^ more. I then called the Lowes to expressed my concerns, and asked for a copy of the detailed measurement. The associate there told me that he could not give me one per Lowes's policy. I then asked for the name and telephone number of the contractor, he told me that he could not give the information over the phone. He later said that he did not know who the contractor was, and I may have to talk to a rep. from the Install Dept. tomorrow.

I do not understand why the difference is so big. My house is not hard to measure, since the layout is very simple and straight forward. It is a rectangular box kind of layout without nooks, curves....

I also do not understand why the customer can not get a copy of the measurement since the customer paid for the service.

Now I am very hesitant to use Lowes for my carpet needs.

to On the Market for Carpet #801394

You cant go off of a 10% waste factor.you have to go off of what is actually needed to properly install the carpet if you have a 13 x 13 room which equals 169 sf.

you will actually need a 12 x 18 to properly create the seam which is 216 sf. that will give you 2 cross seams.

now there is a possibility they may be able to use the remaining carpet somewhere else as long as it is turned the same way and you are using the same carpet elsewhere.so you cant just add up the size of the rooms and expect to pay just that.

to On the Market for Carpet #1376231

I have a 9x 12 piece of carpeting left over from their measurement.Why the heck did I have to pay for that much more carpeting!?

Also had the usual scraps. They made me buy more than what was needed. 198 sq feet more.

Called and they said they can't take back carpeting?..wth!!!


We are replacing the carpet in the carpeted

areas of our former home which is now on the

market. (Less than l/3 of the house requires

carpet.) I went to the Lowes Bunker Hill

Store on Katy Rd-I-10 in Houston and chose

a carpet that installed for $3.50/sq. with

a medium weight pad plus 17cents/sq.foot take

up and haul off plus their special $97.00

installation for the entire house up to

2700 square feet. They charged $51.00 to

measure. At first they didn't want to show

me the measurements (I already knew what

they were) or the estimate. They only

wanted to give me the bottom line figure

which was outrageous based upon the number

of square feet. After much arguing they

finally emailed me a copy of the installer's

diagram and his measurements. His measurements for the carpet matched my own

(822 sq. ft.) but then they tacked on an

extra 80 square feet for waste. The way

the house is built there is no waste. All

of the rooms to be carpeted are 12' wide.

The carpet is 12' wide. All they had to do

was run a 12' width of carpet the length of

the room. There was nothing to match so

there was no waste there. No seams either,

because every opening opened onto a wood

floor. The salesman told me that all

installers automatically add an extra ten

percent for waste. Duuuhhhh. They wanted

to charge me for 900 yards of carpet...78

square feet more than was needed to do the

job (and that includes 78 sq. ft more of the

pad.) They were also charging me 17cents

a square feet to take up 900 square feet,

when in actuality they were only taking up

622 square feet since one of the rooms had

already had the wood floor removed. I

finally managed to connect with the flooring

department manager who said they had no

choice but to charge me for the installer's

measurements but that he would "cut me a

deal" by reducing the cost per square foot

of the carpet to get the price back to

822 square feet. BALONEY. When this guy

handed me the written estimate it was

barely three hundred dollars less than the

original bid from the installer. The rest

of the joke was that the bid also included

new vinyl in the utility room The utility

room is exactly 12x6. According to my math

that is 72 square feet. The installer

estimate showed 84 square feet. Once

again I was told that Lowe's had no choice

except to accept the installer's estimate

(even when they are looking at the drawing

with the room dimensions and the square

footage estimate.) What a hoot! I threw

up my hands and went to a very nice upscale

carpet store that beat Lowe's price by almost


Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina, United States #446202

Walked into Lowes a month ago and picked out my carpet.It took 2 weeks for them to come out and measure.

2 weeks for the carpet to come in!! So here I am a month later still waiting. My install is suppose to be at 8:30 this morning.

It's 1:30 and they still haven't showed up.I will NEVER buy anything from this store again.


"Jeff" and "J" you are both morons. Lowes has the single worst customer service ever of any company I've ever seen. Their carpet "installation" is a joke and so are you.


Carpet installers work very hard I would like to see YOU do it watch how long it takes and how heavy the carpet is they deserve kudos for this you are required to be there!!!!


Lowe's hires local installers, and so quality varies. Buyer Beware is the best advice...be there, oversee it, and double-check everything,

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