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I don't know if it is just this store or Lowes generally, but there is ZERO customer service. I purchased a garage door opener and installation services.

Lowes' contractor, too lazy to remove the rails from my existing opener, lied and said that I needed a different new opener that would be compatible with my existing tracks. I called the store and was put on hold for 30 mins at a time; was hung up on several times; one person I was speaking with put me on hold to check products but instead that person went to lunch. After receiving no assistance from the store, I called the manufacturer of the opener I purchased and they informed me that like, every opener on the market (so the contractor was aware of the contents of these products), the product I purchased came with its own tracks and those tracks should be installed as part of the installation. Again, I called the store to inform them that their contractor was aparently trying to avoid doing the full job (which includes installing the new tracks) and I was told that was my problem and I could call the contractor myself.

I reminded the person that I have a contract with Lowes, not with their contractor and it was not my job to call their contractor to convince him to do his job. I got the runaround several times, with the manager promising to speak with the contractor. That was about 3 weeks ago; I haven't heard from Lowes since.

I got my refund from Lowes and purchased an opener and installation services from Home Depot, which was installed, with the new tracks, without any issues yesterday. I will NOT be purchasing anything from Lowes and will tell everyone of this exasperating experience and encourage them to go to Home Depot, which is where I will be going from now on.

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Well, at least you kept on it and got your money back so you could get someone to do it right. The problem was obviously the independent contractor used by Lowe's and I am surprised Lowe's refused to take any responsibility---he is sub-contracting from Lowe's, not you and is thus their responsibility.

At least you(and I)learned a lesson about Lowe's. By the way, where is this Lowe's store so we can stay away from it??