Aurora, Colorado
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My younger sister and I recently went to Lowes in order to purchase some electrical parts for my husband. After selecting the required materials, I needed some wire cut to length.

After finally tracking down an employee with wire cutting 'credentials' I handed him the list of needed wire materials with the lengths. He took one look at the list and totally freaked out. He began swearing at me in front of my teenaged sister until I finally let him have it.

I told him that I would be contacting his manager and turned to leave. He responded with additional swearing, and the information that I could contact anyone I wanted, but nothing would be done due to his employment as electrical manager at the Glenwood Springs Lowes.

I called the store the next day and requested to speak to the store manager. I was told that he was out for the day, so I left him a message. 5 messages later, and still no response.

Do not go to the Glenwood Springs Lowes unless you want to be sweared at, mistreated and repeatedly ignored.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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I used to work at that store and I can tell you that this is TRUE, not only do I know how things are run there, but I know the manager she is talking about. After working for Lowe's in Glenwood, I have stopped shopping there completely and recommended everyone I can to take their business elsewhere. That place is terrible.


The female speaking here is absolutely correct... she said she FINALLY tracked someone down, yea they do kind of IGNORE you, and when you ask for some help they begrudgingly assist and make you feel *** while pushing their most expensive product rather than what you need.


NO ONE really believes this post, do they? Sounds to me more like an angry girlfriend trying to make this guys life miserable.