Did a bath remodel and I ordered a vanity from Lowes. Came in wrong size.

Had to re-order. Ordered another vanity, wrong vanity, again. Now it's the right size but with a dual sink. Never ordered a dual sink.

My bathroom remodel was supposed to be done by April 15, and here it is May 23 and I'll have to wait another three weeks for another vanity. My bathroom remodel might get done in June. If Lowes manages to get it right this time around.

Lowes' is the worst. Go anywhere but don't go to Lowe's.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Have had same issues. Also have purchased merchandise that had been resealed as new by the store even after it was returned and installed.

Was told that all items are inspected. I guess that's why all the hardware and glass was taken out of the doors I purchased as "new". The Lowes in Fort Walton Bch.

FL is the WORST. Go anywhere but Lowes!


I agree lowes it the worst at customer service. had a roof installed in dec and still leaks after three atempts by lowes to fix, now it is worse than ever.

had to get a lawyer and have another company install roof. now i am just begging for my money back.

basicaly they say so sue us. not a good company to work with and they will rob you blind.

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