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This complaint is primarily about the Lowe's Central Production Office (CPO), i.e. the Lowe's Central Installation Office. On January 16th, Lowe's contractor started a carpet install. They finished around noon on January 18th. Upon inspection, and before signing off on the job, I noticed large white stripes running across the carpet in every single room. I also noticed that the carpet pad sounded like bubble wrap. Turns out the installer had duct taped the pad, causing the popping noise.

I contacted the CPO, who told me they would need me to have the carpet steam cleaned so they could file a warranty claim with the manufacturer. I was expected to pay for the steam cleaning out of my own pocket. I asked what happens if the manufacturer denies the warranty claim, and the CPO told me: "we will cross that bridge when we come to it". I asked why I should fork out additional funds if there is no guarantee of resolution, and was told simply that I must have the carpet steam cleaned, there is nothing further they can do.

I put in a CC dispute with my bank, which took about a month to go through. In that time, I was put in contact with the Lowe's Executive Support personnel. The Executive support personnel merely repeated what the CPO had stated about having the carpet steam cleaned. I eventually started working with the store manager, who agreed to re-order the carpet and the pad, and have the defective carpet replaced. Kudo's to the store manager for actually stepping up.

The carpet is in and is sitting at the installers office, where it has been for the past 2 weeks. The Lowe's executive support person is refusing to proceed with the replacement until I drop the CC dispute. I would trust that a retailer the size of Lowe's would know that a customer cannot drop a CC dispute once the chargeback has been initiated. I have repeatedly explained that providing a full refund or replacing the carpet will make the dispute go away, yet no resolution has occurred. I am sitting on two houses, unable to move until the carpet is installed in the new house, unable to sell my existing property, losing money every single day.

Please do not make the same mistake that I did. If you are at a Lowe's which requires you to go through the "CPO" or "installed sales office", do not purchase. You will sorely regret it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Carpet Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4800.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Lowes Cons: Not a thing terrible company.

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It will never get better untill they quit going with installation companys


You have to understand that Lowe's even though it is a huge company, has to follow manufacturer procedures when it comes to faulty product.This is not a rule or inconvenience that Lowe's made up on its own.This is not a product that Lowe's made.Lowe's is just the Retailer... which doesn't mean that they have to take the black eyes.If Lowe's refunded your product, and ordered you new product the manufacturer will tell Lowe's that they will not warranty the product because protocol was not followed, and Lowe's has to eat it.Now if that practice was used across all 4K stores.

Seriously. There is no way.If Lowe's just refunded and ordered new product for people who experienced issues, with out holding the manufacturers responsible the company doors would be shut.I'm sorry your experience an issue, but it sounds like from reading your post, that you expect Lowe's to bend over backwards and break there procedures for you.And tho, that company will do its best to keep customers a top priority, it is a business first and foremost.


If I purchase something from a company, I expect it to be in New shape if that is what I purchased.I can not believe you think Lowe's is not responsible for the product, and for the labor that they hired to do the job.I just wonder who you think is responsible.And to tell someone they are going to have to have it cleaned cost coming out of customers pocket.This is what you call very unprofessional. The contract is not between the customer and the carpet installer, it is between Lowe's and the carpet installer.

@Virgil Teffeteller

I agree with Virginia. A company cannot install defective product and then expect the customer to follow some protocol in order for them to move forward.

Lowes has to eat this cost and refund the customer. It’s their fault for installing the carpet with defects. It doesn’t matter that they don’t manufacture that carpet. Should have been inspected by the installer and installation should have been halted until non-defective product was received from the manufacturer.

My company remodels bathrooms and we would never tell a customer that they have to get their tile steam-cleaned if there were some sort of defects in the tile itself. That’s on me because I allowed my workers to install defective product. I have to either refund the customer or reorder the product, tear out the old and put in the new.

Nowhere in there is the customer required to lift a finger. They paid me to do the job correctly so I have to eat the cost with any resolution in the end.


No, anonymous responder, the lines are not from the fibers getting crushed from storage. The dye is lighter on these lines, and attempts to smooth out with my hand did nothing.

Additionally, the carpet itself feels rough over these lines.

Per the installer and the Lowe's service manager, cleaning will do nothing to resolve this issue. I've already obtained my clue, would you like to borrow one?


That line is where the carpet roll laid on the shelf or ground while it was stored. Cleaning it will remove any trace of it. Get a clue.


Then how come the carpet feels different in these areas, and the dye is lighter? It's not crushed fiber, it's lines which were not dyed uniformly.