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DO not purchase CRYNTEL flooring at Lowes, the product is defective if you do not have 60% humidity at all times and even then who knows, they don't try to help, Instead they sent an inspector paid by the manufacture to tell me that the environment I live in and raise my children is HARSH. I spent over $5000 on flooring that is cracking.

Buyer beware>>>>

Lowes sells fine print items that don't work in all places, they need to understand that some places are dryer then others and not sell that product that would do poorly in that environment. New Mexico is not Florida!

I was Lowes customer but after this I will not shop at lowe's again.


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On 11/15/10 I purchased a microwave and a french door refrigerator at VacaVille, Lowes when I got home I noticed on the internet that the microwave was 55.00 cheaper.Feeling that I was ripped off I called the store and got the night manager who said he would adjust the price.

Sorry not acceptable. Called overall store manager next today and was told the same thing.(Not acceptable and very poor customer service) No additional compensation.

I cancelled my order and will never shop at lowes again.I will take my cash to a good store who values their customers.

to Northfield, Minnesota, United States #954658

Greedy!!! Why should you get more money then the sale price!!


Typical consumer Rant, and buyers your homework before investng that kind of money, Im a sales spec.

for LOWES I have taken some heat for talking customers out of certan products that they cant afford or wont work well for their application, some insist on the purchase and doing it themselves and then they screw it up and blame the world for their stupidity.

The store that I work at stands behind our products and installations 100% I watch it happen everyday or I wouldnt work for them.Look in the mirror!!!


I purchased engineered Oak Hardwood Plank flooring to cover 555 Sq Ft.and the day after it was put down I noticed whereever I walked or sat my furniture intentations were left.

I notified the company and they sent an inspector who they pay (conflict of interest) to come out, walk around in silence, showing no compasion that someone just wasted over $1,000 to be embarrassed of their floor. This engineered wood is a farce. It is so soft it cannot withstand anything, yet the warranty on the box says 20 yr. warranty and the product is durable.

Cryntel does not know what durable means. I was given a copy of the instructions that must be followed in order for the warranty to be honored. It's a joke. Instead of putting this warranty inside the box, it should be placed on the outside of the Box to make sure the consumer sees it.

I am so angry that this company took my money for a defected project that shouldn't be on the market. Word of mouth is the best advertisement, so I'm spreading the word that Cryntel is not to be trusted. They are not true to their word as their product that the product I purchased is "much more stable than typical solid hardwood and may be installed on any level of your home, including below grade areas - simply because engineered hardwood flooring is comprised of laminated layers, which expand or contract to a lesser degree than solid hardwood." I purchased this stuff from Lowes and I will tell them that they need to remove it from their shelves.

I'm also going to send the Cryntel's CEO a letter expressing my disappointment and disastisfaction with their Oak Hardwood Plan American Red Oak, Engineered Flooring.:(


$5000.oo on cryntel flooring is rather high...$17.60 per carton 20 s.f.per carton relatively means you purchased 8 full pallets of cryntel peel-n-stick tiles...that would be enough to cover 5,600 s.f.

Did you install both floors of your home and 2 rental homes as well?:?


I had my truck damaged by Lowes and they told me that they don't care.That no matter who I talk to or write letters to at the corp office they are told that there is nothing they can do.

This is a corp.

policy.They played games and even gave me a *** number to call telling me that this is their insurance company.


i am a sales person for lowes and i do qualify the customer.i make commissions of what i sell.

if it gets returned because of a defect in material i lose the commission.

Other home retailers do not offer commissions to the sales people so they do not care.Lowes employees are more knowledgable because they have a financial stake in what they are selling.


I'd rather shop at home depot, The people at Lowes are creepy.

#70243 :(


Lowe's continues to put there bottom line.

Before customer satisfaction & safety.

You can contact the CEO Robert Niblock directly via e--mail or even stop by his house. Don't shop @ Lowe's & spread the word! :eek

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