I ordered some tile for a wall from Lowe's and was promised that it would be only a few days to get sinice it was in stock and was coming from northern california. WRONG!

I got the run around and was literally lied to. They said it came in and was scheduled for delivery the next day. I had contractors waiting to install this and was holding them up. Called the store many times and left my name and number.

No one called me back. This big box store give HORRIBLE customer service. Would never use them again.

Shame on Lowe's. I guess they figure since they are so big, they don't have to try.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #571240

Would you rather them deliver it with damage!? Could it be your refrigerator is special order??

You do realize they don't produce any items at the store level, right?

What would you expect them to say?? Hello, Glenn ummm...your refrigerator isn't here.

Prescott, Arizona, United States #570421

Don't you hate it when they are so friendly and cooperative in the store when you buy, but after sale the items you bought are somehow damaged and no one calls you with updates of your deliver status for two weeks or longer? I ordered a refrigerator and dishwasher and on my delivery day the driver called to say he noticed the refrigerator had damage to the bottom, which he said really could be a problem "but do you still want us to deliver it"?

Duh. I told him no and take back the dishwasher with it.

Two weeks later and no followup call from Lowe's. Will have to make the forty minute drive and find out what's up with my completely paid for order.

to Glenn Prescott, Arizona, United States #570424

..and not to single out Lowe's as Home Depot is every bit as problematic in delivery and customer service. Actually the Lowe's employees IN THE STORE have been helpful and professional.

The Jury
Dallas, Texas, United States #569687

Is it in stock or not? Life is not perfect.

If you have a bad experience at a grocery store do you stop eating? I think not.

Dallas, Texas, United States #569681

I'm confused!! The product was "in stock" but it had to be shipped??

I don't get the rest of the complaint either.

Just another self entitled consumer. I'm just doing my job, protecting and serving retail associates!!

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