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DO NOT use Lowe's garage door opener installers! They are not professionals, are not honest, and Lowe's will be of no help if you have a problem with their work!

After 26 years of service, the old garage door opener at my former residence (now a rental) broke. The sprocket that drives the chain broke, leaving the chain hanging. The door would still go up and down just fine, and my tenants, who have motorcycles, used it daily for a little over two weeks.

I purchased a top of the line garage door opener at Lowe's, and also paid them to have an installer come put it in. After two weeks of waiting and several calls to Lowe's, the installer met me at the rental. I let him in, and since the tenant was home, I left to go home (1-mile away) and eat dinner. Half an hour later, I got a call from the installer, saying my garage door was "in really bad shape," and that he had to go. This was followed by a call from the tenant, saying the installer had left the door stuck half-way open. I went to the rental to investigate, and found the cables wound/tangled around the axis shaft. I cut the cables in order to get the door shut for the night.

The next day, I called Lowe's, and spoke with the woman I'd talked to when I purchased the opener and installation. She stated that I had signed a contract clearing Lowe's of responsibility for any incidental damage to my property. I asked to speak with a manager, and was given the same information in a slightly rude manner. I called a local overhead door company, who came and replaced the cables on the door. I asked them to fix anything else they saw needing attention, since the installer had told me the door was "in really bad shape." They looked carefully at everything, and concluded that the only thing wrong was the cables needed replacing after the installer had released tension on them and not re-wound them properly.

I sent an e-mail to Lowe's via their website, and received a reply that I would be contacted via e-mail within 24-hours by the store manager. I was hoping for (at a minimum) a refund of my installation fee, since the repair had cost $25 more than the installation. Four days later, I received a call from the store manager, who took all of my information and said he would investigate the situation and get back to me. This was the last I have heard from anyone at Lowe's, despite a follow-up e-mail and three phone calls to the store.

DO NOT use Lowe's installers! They are not professionals, and neither are they honest. I am extremely disappointed in Lowe's, and I will drive across the state before shopping there again.

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Lowe's Pro, how long have you been working as an internet spin doctor for Lowe's? That's very cute how you blame the victim for Lowe's installer's wrongdoing.

FYI, and I should have included this in my review, I cut the cables because the installer ran away and wouldn't answer his phone or call me back.

They were hopelessly tangled around the axis bar. The only other option would have been an expensive evening call out from a real professional.


Lowe's covers all installs for up to 1 year unless you do something *** like "CUT THE CABLES" Seriously this is universal no matter who you have install just about anything. Don't cut anything when someone else (a professional) is doing the install or repairing an installation issue. This is common sense.


I, too, am sorely disappointed with Lowe's installers. I bought a washer and dryer from my local Lowe's store ( in New Bern, NC).

The units were delivered, but the dryer's duct was not long enough. I was told this, and also that the maintenance man at the apartments where I live would have to install finish the installation. The maintenance man did, and he had to go and buy a longer one. I went to Lowe's and talked to the manager there, who told me that this was all the installers were required to do.

I asked him what I was supposed to do if the apartments' maintenance man had not been willing to do it, and he told me that in that case I would have had to hire someone to finish the installation.

I told him that this is shoddy service and I would never darken the doors of Lowe's again. He simply said, "Okay." He was also somewhat terse and rude with me.

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