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They have been approving my "military documentation" for 6 months. The process, at least in my case seems to be broken.

I've read some of the comments here. It's not that we vets expect anything from Lowes, or anyone else. It is their marketing decision to offer the discount because it's good for their PR, and business in general. I simply went to Home Depot and ordered my $2,500 worth of appliances there.

There's always a choice. I'm afraid Lowes has made the wrong one advertising what they will not, or cannot provide. It's much the same as the "verification process" for being "verified" as a vet-owned business. They make you defend yourself for a crime you have not yet committed.

The penalties of fraud and perjury is not sufficient for them to accept your sworn information as true. Swearing my allegiance by raising my right hand was sufficient when asked to go to war, but apparently, insufficient to bid on

govt contracts, or buy a hammer a Lowes.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Vet verification program.

  • not as advertised
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If you registered with Lowe’s as a Vet online, you then have to go into your local store with a copy of your DD214 to complete the verification process. They just need to see a discharge date and whether you were honorably discharged or not. Then your veteran discount registration will be completed.


I did give them a DD214, Gov ID card, and everything else they asked for, online, and in person. Evidently, they just don't like me.


No one cares.... On the upside, they made "vet" only spaces available. That should make you feel better you jelly.


People always give the homeless veterans peanut butter samwitches, but they don't really like getting them because they are dry and often they don't have anything like milk to drink with it. I think that people should start making peanut butter and jelly samwitches and including an ice cold quart of milk along with them, so that the samwitches are easier to eat and taste better accompanied by the milk.

God Bless everyone for helping the veterans! (also, they don't mind it when people give them an ice cold 40)