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Today I learned that Lowe's had closed the credit card account I opened in 2008. Since that time I have had a perfect payment history with them.

Each year they manage to send me account change disclosures, privacy practices, etc. However, they were not able or willing to tell me that they would close my account for recent lack of charges. Talking to their customer dis-service agents, including a "supervisor" here in the US, was a waste of time. The people who are supposed to support customers were not authorized to reinstate a closed account.

So I opened an account at Home Depot. The HD product line is larger, I have two stores closer to me than Lowe's, and the process of opening a new account with Home Depot was painless and quick. Lowe's needs to learn the essentials of customer relations.

There is no reason for me to ever do business with Lowe's again. So I won't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Account.

Reason of review: credit card closure without any notification..

Lowes Cons: Already stated above, Online customer care, Lack of communication.

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Lowes didn't close an account you never had with them. Lowes does not extend credit to anyone.

The account you had was with an independent credit company that issues cards that can be used at Lowes. If you have a complaint with anyone it is them.

If you have good credit you should be carrying a major credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card) that would have a lower interest rate than a store card. There is really no reason to have a store card.


they closed my account for inactivity too. WTF.......

and says there is nothing I can do... its closed. thank god I turned the lowes job down years ago...... the manager told everyone that day that everyone has to take computer test time to time and you cant log on at home....he said you have to take the test during your LUNCH BREAK.

by law you are allowed a lunch break not to take your stupid test .

some of the things the manager had said that day, lead me to believe LOWES is some kind of Occult.... also was told that if you had big purchases of building materials that they would send someone to your house to check it out to make sure that it is your stuff and not someone elses for their tiny discount.


It could be that you have not used your Lowes card to buy their merchandise in a long time.


it shouldn't matter if you used your card or not in any amount of time. the bank get greedy when they don't get that interest every month if you don't use your card.then when you have to talk to them you cant understand them.. they are probably all illegal being in our country.