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I bought a washer and dryer back in August 2010 . It was whirlpool , costed me $2000.00(for both) . For whatever reason , both has started acting wired on me , giving me lot of problem . This problem has begun in month of december . Since , its still under 1 year of warranty , i called the store where i bought my appliances which is in Livermore CA , they gave me direct number to Lowes service advantage , called them up , they make service appointment , a guy named Brian came at first time came , he didnot even spend 15 minutes and he said there isnothing wrong with Washer and dryer . Problem happened again (it was in and out problem ), i called lowes again ,they schedule 2nd service , the other guy came in and said there lowes didnot installed the dryer correctly and thats why i am having this problem to begin with , i asked him to add this in his notes and he said i cannot recreate the notes , just call lowes and tell them . I called again , this is now 3rd time going through all the pain , hold - they reschedule the service where they give this to the 1st techinican whose name is Brian , he didnot even came to my place and called me on his way and said there is nothing wrong with the Dryer . He didnot even see the problem ,i called customer service this time (which was 2nd time ) and the supervisor told me that he will call the store directly and try to see if he resolve it .

Well. my thing is WHY store cannot help us at the first place , when we go to buy things , they provide Excellent service but when it comes down to solve the problems - You need to go through alll the hassel in the world .

My problem still has not fixed and also i am out of Money for nothing just pain .

I will not buy anything from Lowes in my entire life until they take care of the problem .


Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Forestbrook, South Carolina, United States #328947

I totally agree , BUYERS - BEAWARE . I will never ever give my business to LOWES and Whirlpool in future .


I purchased three Whirlpool Duet washers. One for my home, two for my spa.

The first one at my spa wore out in three years. The repairman said the barrings wore out. I went back to Lowes and the salesman said I just had bad luck because this model of machine was designed to be a "workhourse" so I bought another one. Well the second machine has now lasted just 4 years too.

I now have seen other reviews where other people are haveing the same problem with the Whirlpool Duet washer.

I have now have to buy another washer. I am upset with Whirlpool.Buyer beware!!


its true you guys are acting ***... stuff happens get over it..

buy the warranty and you would not have to worry stop being cheap and spend the money to protect yourself.. lowes stinks anyway buy from an all american company like sears that has been around forever


My washer is now working again. It turns out a rug with a rubber backing was washed and some of the rubber pieces clogged the filter so that water cannot drain properly.

I'd like to thank Amy at Whirlpool and Tracey at Lowes corporate for calling A & E on our behalf to ensure a repairman showed up today.

Since the problem was not a defect of the equipment, I would have had to pay $140 for the service, but Whirlpool picked up the tab. Whirlpool has earned a lifelong customer and advocate of their products.

I will still shop at Lowes going forward because I like their stores better than the competitors in our area, but I will never use Lowes SA to schedule service. Going forward, I will contact the manufacture directly.


It's a simple fix. If the customer is having this much problem getting their washer fixed, I would have simply swapped the washer with another one and dealt with the manufacture as the store has more time to do that than the customer.


My wife and I also purchased a Whirlpool washer from Lowes in December, 2010 (Michigan). The washer completely died a few days ago.

We contacted Lowes SA and set up an appointment with A & E Factory for 4/27. They were suppose to show up between 1PM EST and 5 PM EST. At 3:30 PM, nobody had contacted us so we called Lowes SA. A gal named Cheryl told us they had the wrong phone number and could not contact us eventhough my phone number was in the email confirmation Lowes SA sent me.

Cheryl contacted A & E and let us know someone would be at our house in 20 minutes. At 5 PM, I called back. This time, the Lowes operator hung up on me. At 5:05 I reached someone name April.

April contacted A & E again and said someone would be dispatched in 20 minutes. At about 6:30 PM, my wife called again. Erika put my wife on hold for ever. We finally had to hang up.

We finally got ahold of Wayne who again contacted A & E on our behalf. Wayne called us back around 8 PM and said the next available appointment is 5/5. Today is 4/27. I have 10 kids at home.

I cannot tell you how desparate we our to have our washer working. My wife asked Wayne if we can have the phone number to A & E. We contacted A & E and they set up an appointment for tomorrow. Why did Lowes SA give us such a run around.

I am 48 and have never had such *** poor service. It is very unlikely I will ever purchase Whirlpool again - the washer simply should not have died in 4 months. With that said, I have had other Whirlpool products that have functioned fine (e.g. my current dryer).

Even if I purchase Whirlpool again, I will never set foot in another Lowes store again.

I did send an email to Kyle at Whirlpool. Assuming A & E shows up tomorrow, I will not need his help, but I am curious to see if he will even read the email.


uh, usmcdeathcard, HOW did the unfortunate circumstances with this washer and dryer become a Republican party issue? Yikes!!!


You people need to understand that the product is warrantied through the MANUFACTURER NOT Lowe's!!! Get your LAZY AXELS on the phone and call the manufacturer... hold them accountable Lowe's is the middle man DUMMY!!


Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Whirlpool. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your Whirlpool washer.

If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via Facebook (Whirlpool) or Twitter (Whirlpoolcare). Or contact us directly via e-mail


Its foolish to buy from Lowes, even Sears. Plenty of "local" businesses will meet or come in below the price of these "big box" stores AND the service is impeccable compared to the bb stores, as you have found out.

Another reason people buy is the "credit" they receive through these BB stores but then your really stuck.

Its a shame what this country has come to. Corporations have sold us out and the Republican Party in Washington helps them along taking the lobby money to bend all the rules for them.

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