Athens, Georgia

Do not EVER get a project card and lord help you if you lose your job and get behind. They will call you EVERY DAY including 8:30 on Saturdays and on SUNDAYS! They called about every day last week!

Even if you have set up a payment plan with them; it does not matter. TIRED of the harassing phone calls! There ought to be a law about them calling me so much?

Their statements are not up to date and you cannot even determine what your correct payment is. It does not help to complain to them about the starements either.

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I am all for that *** list. I plan to join, then go to Lowe's, charge up a bunch of stuff then never pay. Then throw in some large crocadile tears..

ps ..I am at home waiting for my creditors to call...Oh wait I don't owe enought for them to waste their time,,,see ya all at Lowe's


Don't buy stuff you can't afford, and there would be no problem.


Calling someone who lost their job and got behind is just RUDE. I agree with the complaint but the fact is that GE Money is the culprit.

Lowe's made a bad choice in getting in bed with these folks... it's really hurting their reputation.

GE Money charges loanshark rates even if you pay on time. It *** me off that we bail out the banks and they turn around and stick it up our butts.


Can we have a seperate list for *** with bad credit who don't pay THEIR OWN BILLS and then complain when they get asked to PAY THE DEBT THEY OWE??

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